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July 27, 2015

Salt Marsh Day

Maya Lombardi and Agatha Tatang, Norfolk County Agricultural High School and Bishop O'Connell High School

SEA Semester

Above: Group 1 (Sacha, Bettina, David, Maya, Chase, Rachel and Julie) after a busy day in the salt marsh. Below, top: Group 4 starting their journey trudging in the water. Below, bottom: ​Sifting sediment samples

We started our day off with pancakes and cantaloupe. Then, we prepared to travel to the nearby salt marsh. We spent two hours taking sediment samples in the rain and trudging through the water. But, we had a lot of fun! We saw lots of small shrimp and krill, as well as hermit crabs and fish. We also saw clams and oysters. Sadly, we had to stop early because there was thunder in the distance.

Once we got back to the campus, we rinsed off our sandy legs, took showers, and relaxed until lunch time. For lunch we had baked potatoes, which was perfect for the cold, rainy day. We finished off our afternoon with 2.5 hours of Carl, our Maritime History and Culture  instructor. We learned about ship designs and navigation, littered with interesting stories about longitude and latitude.

During free time, everybody hung out in the common areas of our houses until dinnertime. For dinner we had chicken, biscuits, and vegetables. After dinner, went up to the Madden Center for Leadership session where we learned about different types of leaders and did some fun activities. Then we all broke off to study hall to do any extra work and talk with our groups for projects.

- Maya and Agatha

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