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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 10, 2019

Sailing Past Nevis and Saint Kitts

Megan Frey, 3rd Mate, C Watch



Present Location
17° 16.5’N x 062° 55.0’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
239 COG, 4.0kt, sailing under the four lowers

Wind ExN, Beaufort force 4

Souls on board

Well, I am writing my blog entry a few days after I was signed up to write one, but better late than never!  One would think that when you say you’re going sailing for 6 weeks, that the days under sail, no engine, and a following steady breeze would be a given, but this is not always the case. Our engine worked hard to get us here from Woods Hole to the Caribbean and now, after a lovely port stop in Dominica, we are back at it, and this time under sail! 

We are currently sailing off the Northwestern coast of St. Kitts.  I just came down below after sitting on the lab top with shipmates, enjoying a gorgeous sunset and a cool breeze.  We have started the JWO phase (Junior Watch Officer) phase and if I have done my job right, this is the time when the students can lead the watch and the mates take a step back and are eyes of safety.  This can seem intimidating, which is why I share with the students a bit of wisdom that was once relayed to me by a dear Captain, “Your biggest resource on board is your shipmates.” 

This is where the strength lies.  I tell the students that we do not expect to make super sailors out of them in six weeks, but if they can learn anything from this experience at sea, it is the fact that they are not alone to complete the task at hand.  They must rely on each other for help and pull from each other’s strengths to continue to move forward.  As we continue to move forward, under sail towards St. Johns, the dinner bell ringing in the background, the gentle rocking motion below, I look forward to stand my favorite watch, Dawn Watch tomorrow morning at 0100 and wait for that beautiful sun to rise again. 

- Megan, 3rd Mate

 P.S. Mom and Dad I look forward to seeing you soon at the lake!  I have been daydreaming of snowy walks in the forest with you.  All my love!

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