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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

June 25, 2019

S-287: Protecting the Phoenix Islands


The students of S-287, Protecting the Phoenix Islands, will join the SSV Robert C. Seamans in Pago Pago, American Samoa, on July 3rd to begin a six-week round-trip voyage to the Phoenix Islands.

Silas Blunk, St. John's College, NM
Cassidy Bull, Johns Hopkins University
Conner Cummings, St. John's University
Janell Donegan, University of Utah
Patricia Dougherty, New York University
Jason Gonsalves, University of Redlands
Xinrong Guo, Colby College
Michaela Guy, Smith College
Elliot Hayne, Denison University
Brandon Hopper, University of California, Santa Barbara
Anna Hughes, Carleton College
Sophie Kuhl, Brown University
Benjamin Ma, Brown University
Isabel Mize, University of Vermont
Natalie Patetta, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Cole Rader, University of British Columbia
Miita Ribabaiti, I-Kiribati Observer/Cadet
Harrison Rogers, Whitman College
Michelle Simoni, Seattle University
Kara Swann, Boston University
Mary Zarba, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Adam Ziegler, Stonehill College

Ship's Company
Master: Richard Miller
Chief Mate: Rebecca Johnson
2nd Mate: Colin Graham
3rd Mate: Hila Shooter
AB/MIT (Mate in Training): Ava Stasiw 
Engineer: Henry Cylkowski
Assistant Engineer: Merlin Clark-Mahoney
Steward: Lauren Heinen
Chief Scientist: Blaire Umhau
Assistant Scientist: Janet Bering
Assistant Scientist: Hilary Ranson
Assistant Scientist: Jordan Eckstein
Labhand: Helen Wolter
Teaching Assistant: Allie Cole
Teaching Assistant: Henry Bell

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#1. Posted by Trish Patetta on July 05, 2019

Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to reading about your travels and the research that you are doing! What an experience!

#2. Posted by Kimberly Bull on July 05, 2019

May you all have an amazing six weeks!

#3. Posted by Chris Zarba on July 07, 2019

To the entire crew of the Robert C Seamans.  Congratulations on a successful start to your scientific adventure.  I can assure you this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity will be an incredible learning experience and a life changing event for each of you.  As a scientist that worked for 38 years at the Environmental Protection Agency I spent many days at sea and can assure you for the rest of your life you will reflect on and remember this adventure with great joy.  Cherish the moments, each other and the excitement and be sure to share your experience with those who are not with you but wish we were.  Have a safe and successful journey. 

PS - Please keep a watchful eye on my niece Mary.  You never know what trouble she can get herself and the rest of the crew into.  You have been warned!  grin


Mary’s Uncle Christy. 

#4. Posted by Barbara Clark on July 08, 2019

have a great voyage everyone!  by the way—whoever types this blog == you have Janet listed as “Janey Bering”—fyi its “Janet Bering”

love to all Janet’s mom

Reply: Thank you, we just updated.

#5. Posted by Schuyler Kuhl on July 08, 2019

So cool.  I’ll be following you the whole time online.  Love you Sophie.


#6. Posted by Carmen Norman on July 08, 2019

To all on board: You are all pioneers in the making.

What an special group you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#7. Posted by Tanya Swann on July 09, 2019

So encouraged by your interest and bravery to spend this time studying and learning ways to keep this beautiful and necessary area wild and safe. Tennessee sends lots of peace and love and best wishes for safe travels.

#8. Posted by Jim Simoni on July 12, 2019

HI Michelle and crew,
Wow what an adventure for all the souls on board. I hope your time alone at sea and the intimate connection to nature it brings helps you find the connection to that nurturing and loving spirit that supports us and keeps us all in being. A connection my connection to agriculture and country living has helped me nurture. Make the most of this time to contemplate and grow God Bless you all. Keep up the good work.
By the way Michelle Your package arrived. I will keep it safely in your room.
Jim Simoni

#9. Posted by Doris and Doug Hughes on July 16, 2019

Anna, we are thinking of you, all that you are learning and experiencing, and all that we are learning as we track your voyage on-line. Looking forward to more pictures (especially of you). Love, gam and pop

#10. Posted by Carmen Norman on July 22, 2019


Love your picture.  Love your hair!!

Looking amazing..We think of you constantly
imagining how you are.  Now we know.

keep posting the pictures and comments it is
such pleasure to see them.

Love forever CLOUD&CN;

#11. Posted by Kati rader on July 31, 2019


Your family has disappeared into the wilds but we are thinking of you and following your adventures.

Love, Kati and Bob

#12. Posted by Brian Hughes on August 10, 2019

Hope you all had a great trip! The pictures are amazing.  Anna - loved your blog! See you soon.



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