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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 28, 2018

S-278 Oceans & Climate


The students of S-278, Oceans & Climate, joined the SSV Robert C. Seamans on March 28. They will depart the ship on May 8 in Pape'ete after stops in the Chatham Islands and Raiatea.

Ship's Company

Master: Jason Amster
Chief Mate: Mark Waddington
2nd Mate: Tristan Feldman
3rd Mate: Michael Weiss
AB/Mate-in-Training: Douglas Faunt
Engineer: Henry Cylkowski
Assistant Engineer:  Shana Grimes
Steward: Lauren Heinin
Assistant Steward: Natalie Marshall
Chief Scientist: Deborah Goodwin
Assistant Scientist: Farley Miller
Assistant Scientist: Erin Adams
Assistant Scientist: Allison Einolf


Brooke Butterfield, University of South Carolina
Ella Reed Cedarholm, University of New Hampshire
Olivia Cronin-Golomb, Boston University
Emily Marie Dailey, Florida State University
Ashley Davis, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Katherine Duvall, Colgate University
Justin Freck, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Colin Joseph Gaunt, St. Michael's College
Lila Glansberg, SUNY Stony Brook
Brittany Sierra Hernandez, Bowdoin College
Will Folsom Lounsbery-Scaife, New York University
Melia Matthews, Whitman College
Kyler Mose, University of Vermont
Lorena Neira Ramírez, Universidad de los Andes
Margaret Pauline Powell, Harvard University
Alexis Racioppi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Noa Randall, Smith College
Haley Rogers, Yale University
Phoebe Redmond Shaw, The George Washington University
Sarah Monroe Smith-Tripp, Wellesley College
Rachel Tan, Yale-NUS College


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