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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

December 17, 2014

One more day in the harbah!

Chris Marshall, B Watch, SUNY ESF

View of Lyttleton Harbor from the top of the volcanic ridge (~500 meters). Photo taken by Sam Gartzman.

Current Position
Still dockside in Lyttleton Harbor

Transitioning from sunny to sprinkly to rainy then off to all sorts of windy. 

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
Top speed of 0 knots!

It’s becoming increasing difficult to write this blog entry as Becky repeats every sentence and KP files through the numerous photos of our journey that have been uploaded to the library computers. However, this reminiscing has made me recall all of the amazing memories that class S256 will share forever. For instance, yesterday (16th of December) we were given a fair amount of free time to traverse the Lyttleton/Christchurch landscape, which was great.  The options consisted of going to see the new Hobbit movie, spending time in Christchurch city center, or hiking and exploring New Zealand a bit. A good number of us hiked up various paths to the top of the surrounding volcanic ridge that boasted amazing views of Lyttleton Harbor as well as the city of Christchurch and its coastline. It was definitely an experience that none of us will soon forget.

Today’s time was spent prepping the boat for our planned departure around midday, in addition to a solid chunk of time set aside for the academic work that seems to always be looming over our shoulders. As a result of these consistent deadlines, it has become challenging to keep in mind that we are all so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing community of people voyaging across brisk New Zealand waters bouncing from port to port. I think every time someone becomes stressed about an issue or deadline, we remind each other of these facts and it reassures us that everything will get done in a timely manner.

That mini-soliloquy made me digress from the topic at hand which is updating all of you lovely folks on the happenings of the RCS. So our intentions were to depart Lyttleton Harbor at about 1400, but sustained 30+ knot winds and three meter seas outside of the harbor made us reconsider that course of action. So, yet another evening we spent in Lyttleton, but we weren’t too bummed because the crew proposed we have a holiday-themed swizzle to keep our spirits up and minds off of work for a while. At said swizzle, C House rekindled our shore connection by singing “So This Is Christmas,” Nina and Kelsey played/sang Christmas songs beautifully, Devon and Breezy recited some Christmas stories and poems, B Watch performed once again, and Ali dedicated a song to Laura for her Secret Santa gift. After plenty of merriment and singing, we had the opportunity to watch the move Captain Ron, which prompted even further laughter and smiling, both nice to see.

Our revised plan is to leave the harbor early tomorrow morning and still reach Wellington Harbor by Sunday evening to anchor as scheduled. The days are winding down and everyone is at some level of being homesick, so be ready for us when we all return!   

Take care and brush your hair…on the leeward side

- Chris

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#1. Posted by Heather Merrills on December 21, 2014

Can’t wait for you to come home and tell us about all your adventures!  Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well on your trip home. December 24th at 9:24 can’t come soon enough, see you at the airport! Miss you and love you



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