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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

December 15, 2020

Ramblings of a wind whipped mind

Grace Evans, C Watch, Colorado College


DSCF0589: Caroline and Grace on the head rig DSCF0866: Ceilidh looking at some force 5 waves

Noon Position
26 27. 58’ N 082 51. 17’ W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed

Taffrail Log
1960 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Winds out of WNW with light breeze and 3 foot waves

Marine Mammals Observed last 24hrs
Dolphins swimming in biolum

Sargassum Observed last 24hrs

Souls on board

Hello!! It's been 22 days on board and my conclusion is that time travels unbelievably weirdly here. A popular saying that's been going around is, "a day lasts a week and a week lasts a day." I've found that the absence of a regular 24-hour schedule has drastically changed my perception of time. Days are no longer counted in hours but sunrises, sunsets, shooting stars, midrats, and biolum.

Since my life has transitioned to a series of naps, I've been having bizarre dreams where the world continues to rock back and forth and I can breathe underwater. This escape from a painful awareness of time has really allowed me to be where my feet are. I can take each moment for what it is before it seamlessly transitions to the next one.

I've seen so many beautiful things here and have been desperately attempting to preserve the way this place makes me feel, but I've found that words don't always have the ability to capture a feeling. My watch has labeled this, "the missing word." We talk about how we will recount this experience to our friends and parents but most of the time we end up babbling for a bit before stopping with a kind of confused look on our faces. But here's what I can say, I've counted 72 shooting stars on lookout. I've seen glowing dolphins tiled in a mosaic of glowing organisms and I've seen the moon rise like a sharp smile with Venus chasing right after. I've also seen 15 sleep deprived, wind whipped kids annihilate 4 deep dish pizzas in 20 minutes. I've looked on in awe as Aria casually pulls trig after staring at a microscope for too long just to come right back to help process nitrates and I've seen Lena refuse to not speak in a random, ever changing accent until the 32 other people on board can't seem to stop talking like a confused, possibly concussed, Australians.

Each day brings new knowledge, respect for nature, love for each other, and appreciation for life. We are so lucky to be here and be safe and healthy and I think about that every day. As our last week on board starts, I hope to be present and take it all in before the return back to reality.

- Grace Evans, C Watch, Colorado College

P.S Happy birthday benny!! I miss you so much and hope your days are filled with snow, dogs, breakfast foods, good friends and so much love. I think about you often and how much you would love the crew on board (I've already made plans for you when some head back out to Montana). Buddha ben has been enjoying his time here and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

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#1. Posted by Deborah Logan on December 16, 2020

No question about it, you have a way with words.  I feel your tone and can almost count those shooting stars.  Experience every last second out there on the sea and store it all up in your bones.  Can’t wait to see you - xox

#2. Posted by Joseph & Sonya Albert on December 17, 2020

Hello Mates,

We truly enjoying hearing about all your experiences that are happening on your journey. Shooting stars, microorganisms, dolphins and pan pizzas, there is no doubt that Jacques Cousteau would be very proud of all of you.

Daniel we hope that you are feeling better and I hope my Australian daughter from down under is keeping the entire crew entertained.

It is 7:00AM in the great north east and it has been snowing since yesterday. We have had about 10 inches so far. For the log it is 25 degrees outside, with winds at 16 mph, with wind chills that make it feel like 12 degrees.

We look forward to reading more about your experiences as you turn the corner on the last week of your journey.

Lena we really miss you and want you to know the snow is falling, the tree is up and MAX is anxiously awaiting your return.

Love Mom & Dad,



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