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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 18, 2018

Pretending to be a scientist

Davi Hertz, Rhodes College


Above: Reef Survey selfie, Mahalia and me; Below: More reef survey selfies, Shane and Christian

Hello Everyone,

Today was an absolutely amazing day. It was our first time snorkeling in the open ocean as a class and not in the indoor pool at Massachusetts Maritime Academy near Woods Hole. After our walk to St. Georges University and the bus ride to Grand Anse beach, we put on our snorkeling equipment and headed into the water. As I was stepping into the water for the first time, I am not entirely sure what I was expecting. I did not think we were going to see any corals and that this field trip was planned to get us more familiar with our snorkeling gear and using it in the ocean, which has a lot more variables than the indoor pool. As soon as I ducked my head underwater, I saw a beautiful school of fish and began to realize the remarkable adventure I was in for.

We practiced identifying fish, corals, and invertebrates, and took pictures of what we were able to find. It was very interesting getting a glimpse of what our reef surveys are going to look like once we get all of our survey equipment, which is currently on the Corwith Cramer and due to arrive within the next few days! Next time we practice our survey skills we will have all of our transect and quadrat tools, along with everything we will need to take various water samples and a few other tools that I am still learning about. As a business and educational studies major, all of this is so completely new and, although I am excited to begin properly conducting these reef surveys, it is an incredibly daunting task that I am still nervous I will somehow completely screw up!

Despite my nerves, I know that even if I were to mess up, I have an amazing support system here within my classmates. I really wouldn’t feel as if I am doing this blog justice if I didn’t comment on the amazing group that I am with. From Woods Hole to now I am shocked each and every day by how intelligent, kind, silly, and warm-hearted our group can be. I could not imagine doing this trip with any other group. Seeing the different yet wonderful ways our group dynamic has changed from the first day we met, to the last day in Woods Hole, and now to our island component in Grenada makes me excited and eager to see how it changes once we get onto the Cramer and split into watch groups. So, thank you C-283 for already making this such an amazing experience!

A few more thanks before I am done! Thank you to my parents, friends, family, Rhodes College, and SEA Semester for letting me pretend to be a scientist for an entire semester and feel so a part of this amazing community! I haven’t even finished this program and I already can’t imagine what my life would be like without meeting all these wonderful people and going on this beautiful program!

- Davi!!

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