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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

December 13, 2015

Poppin’ the bubble

Emma Wightman, A Watch, Roger Williams University

Oceans & Climate

The sun sets and Dominica is illuminated in a halo of pink clouds

West Coast of Dominica

Less than 2 knots

Light & Variable

028°? 320°? 10°?

Hauled Back

Souls on Board

Hey all!
Life on the Cramer is moving pretty fast these days. Two nights ago we were just able to see the lights of St. Lucia over the starboard bow, and yesterday morning we saw the most lovely sunrise giving way to the breathtaking green pitons of the mountainous island. Since then, we have slowly been trucking along, going anywhere from zero knots in the wind shadow to  whopping 8.5 between islands. This morning, we saw the sun claim the earth as his own rising boldly above the peaks of Dominica, the destination we have all been working for and steering towards for 4 and a half weeks now.

Morale is high here aboard Mama Cramer, the excitement of seeing land after so long away is not a feeling that can accurately be described. The whole crew has been on deck pretty much every morning and evening since that initial "land-ho." WE DID IT. WE CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As excited as everyone is, there is also an unspoken sadness drifting through the stays, lines, and throughout the halls below deck. We all must face the reality that none of us really want to admit is real- that soon, this magical bubble surrounding the deck will pop. We will part ways, and the boat family that has been formed from so many weeks on board will dissipate. There is something to miss about the endless blue of the middle of the Atlantic, the mystery in deep water, endless clouds and surf as far as the eye can see.

But for now we revel in the good times. Molly laughing so hard water comes out her nose, dramatic pictures of Mickey in the sunset, Cap popping up out of the emergency hatch for a quick word. Holly singing and dancing alone scrubbing the deck, finally finishing our research papers and breathing a sigh of relief, and getting some booby action as these incredible birds dive and soar just off the starboard beam. The excitement building up to the dreaded but so anticipated boiling lake hike. There are so many things to look back on and smile, and still so many things to look forward to.

This will most likely be my final blog post of the trip, so I just wanted to take the time to appreciate everyone on the ship. Warning: the following post will be somewhat cheesy. Okay a lot cheesy.

The mates are the most knowledgable, helpful, interesting, and intelligent group of people ever. Scott, Kirsten, and Tristan: I have learned so much about things I never thought I'd learn, all thanks to you.

The scientists on board, who all have their own funky, hilarious, dorky style. I crack up every day with one scientist or the other, and really appreciate all the help trying to figure out all my data and actually make a quality manuscript. Abby, Janet, and Farley: Thanks for all the hard work.

The sailing interns all have their own style and each and every one of them inspires me and makes me want to be a better person. Couldn't have asked for a better bunch. Kata, Molly, Grayson, Katie, Anna, and Janet: It's been an amazing pleasure to get to know each and every one of you and hear your stories over the past few weeks.

The others on board always keep me entertained, whether they're giving me advice, telling me dumb jokes about penguins, telling me their life story, or just hangin around the quarter deck. Morgan, Kate, Mickey, and Ken: you each bring a special sort of razzle dazzle to the table and this trip would definitely be way worse without them.

Amy Suida, Chief Scientist, who always has answers to my questions and has told me more about sargassum than I really want to know.

Captain Jason, for being calm as F0 seas but still fun-loving and morale boosting. He leads us fearlessy and effortlessly on just a few hours of sleep, and it's pretty admirable. 

The crazy students of C-263. Literally the most dysfuctional, insane, fun, amazing bunch of people I have ever met. I have never felt so welcomed or loved by a group of people and I can't wait until we all live on the same caul-de-sac together. It will happen, I swear it.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing 4 and a half weeks, and thanks in advance for another amazing 1 and a half.

- Emma


Shmatty, I miss you like crazy and think about you constantly. Can't wait to come back and show you how to really ski down a mountain (HA) I love you?

B, hope you didn't get swallowed up by the Bermuda triangle. Miss ya pretty lady Ells bells, craving a delicious margarita on the sandy shores of St. Croix with you. So soon missy! Give peebs and hemmy a hug for me and tell mom and dad (and anyone else that asks) I say hi. Love ya to bits

From Anna: Hey Mama, I made St. Lucia buns today and they were so good! Everyone on the crew liked them too and were impressed with our preperations i.e. special ingredients . They taste like home and the holiday season. Miss you and thinking of you all eating St. Lucia buns too, can't wait to talk to you. Lots of love, Anna

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#1. Posted by Christina Yoors on December 15, 2015

Welcome back everyone!!!!
Been thinking so much of this ship and all the souls on board and that first moment when land was sighted!!! I think it is a moment to be experienced!!
Anna, I’m so glad the buns worked out! Sounds like it was worth bring the special ingredient!!!! I made 3 batches this year and only one child at home!! Go figure! I miss you and can’t wait to talk to you!! And I definitely think we all need to go sailing together and you know your whole family is on board! Love you, Mama



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