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July 25, 2019

Our first field trip day!

Elaina Berdyck & Owen Proulx, Mount Lebanon High School & Harbor High School

SEA Semester

Above: Group of students at the working docks in Fairhaven; below: Amelia putting on the immersion suit at NMI.

This morning, we woke up to french toast and bacon courtesy of Jared. We left for New Bedford at 8:45 and we arrived at the Whaling Museum around 9:45. Liz met us there and gave us a tour of some of the exhibits, including a ⅓ scale model of a whaling ship. She told us about the living conditions on whaling ships, and how if the catch is minimal and the crew has spent more money than they have earned, they are forced to join another expedition in hopes to earn more profit to pay off their debts. After our lecture, we had free time to explore the museum.

Next we met in the nearby park to eat lunch. After lunch, we had time to explore historic New Bedford where we stopped to get smoothies. In the second part of our trip we crossed the harbor to Fairhaven where Liz’s husband, Tom, met us at the Northeast Maritime Institute. He talked to us about his time in the Coast Guard and how the Coast Guard came to enforce maritime laws.

Next we were led into the basement and gathered around a circle of bright red immersion suits. These suits are built to warm sailors and make them easier to locate in the event that they would have to abandon ship. Tom tasked us with getting into the suits in under 2 minutes, the amount of time sailors are allocated to get their own suits on in the event of an  emergency. We thanked Tom and left for the harbor, where we looked at fishing boats and talked about the impact their industry has had on New Bedford.

After our trip, we returned to the SEA campus, ate dinner, and then learned about triboluminescence. All in all, our trip to New Bedford gave us new insight on whaling and how it impacted the early maritime industry.

- Elaina Berdyck, Mount Lebanon High School & Owen Proulx, Harbor High School

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