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August 06, 2019

Only one more day of classes

Gwen Roode & Elaina Berdyck, Homeschool & Mount Lebanon High School

SEA Semester

Above: Gwen and Elaina writing the blog; below: Marco with his completed puzzle

Today was a rainy day full of class for the SEASCape students. We woke up to a breakfast of pancakes and apples, and the rain started just before our first class. Three speakers came in during Oceanography for career day. Their stories inspired us by bringing clarity to the careers that are in the field of marine science. Maia, the Oceanography instructor, told us the story of her career path. She majored in one thing in college, then spent 10 years on a boat doing something completely different. It goes to show that we aren’t bound by our undergraduate majors.

We took a brief break, admired the rain, and then joined Liz in class to learn about merchant marines and the shipping industry. To be honest, this lesson made me (Elaina) really sad about the reality of what we are putting into our oceans and the carbon footprint of seemingly small products. We had lunch and then continued classes with a presentation about the other opportunities available to students, including SEA Semester. We talked about the origins of certain products with Liz FS in our Oceans and Society class, which really opened our eyes to what we are buying and the impact on the earth and the climate.

After the class with Liz, some students made a cake for Marco’s birthday, which is August 7th. I (Gwen) made a delicious dinner of tacos with Jared. He taught me (again, Gwen) how to make queso and pineapple salsa. Marco also finished the puzzle he and I (you guessed it -- Gwen) have been working on for two days. Now, Gwen and I (Elaina) are sitting in the conference room, writing this blog post, laughing more than writing. I’d say this is the best way to end a long, rainy day.

- Gwen Roode, homeschool &  Elaina Berdyck, Mount Lebanon High School

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