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July 13, 2017

Noise Pollution and Getting Involved!

Alex Coulombe & Abby Randhawa, High School of American Studies at Lehman College & Camden County Technical Schools Pennsauken Campus

SEA Semester

Above: Alex Spencer Georgia and Ethan work on a group project. Below: A group of orcas uses sound to try to find their pod.

This morning for breakfast we had pancakes, bacon, and strawberries.  After breakfast we had our watch meetings where we learned the sheet bend knot from the very talented and capable RAs. 

By 8:30 we were in the Madden Center ready for our first class from guest speaker Dr. Heather Heenehan.  She taught us about the work she has done to study marine mammals and noise pollution.  It was pretty early, but she woke us up by doing a fun activity where we act as whales and try and find our pod.  We were each given a device to make beeps and a pattern that matched up with other classmates and we had to find who had the same pattern.  The high beep noises definitely woke us up!

Our Oceans and Society class was also extremely interesting.  We have been learning a lot about the commercial fishing industry in class, and today we got to look up specific organizations like NOAA, FAO, and the EU Fishery management.  We identified issues that they faced and how they took action to solve their problems.  Afterwards we wrote letters to various people from these organizations agreeing, disagreeing, or suggesting alternatives to their solutions.  It was a great reminder that it is not hard to get involved in issues we care about.

After that we ate lunch and took a short break from our classes. Then we headed back up to the Madden center to watch and discuss a documentary called Atlantic. It was about overfishing and oil drilling. Then we had a great discussion about the fishing and oil industry. After our great discussion we had free time and dinner. For free time a bunch of us went over to B house to watch a TV show. When dinner was all over we headed back over to Madden to discuss our articles for our presentations and study.

- Alex & Abby

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