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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 01, 2019

Day 21

Frederik Hoffmann, C Watch


Above: Ollie and Lila teaching about water masses along our cruise track; below: Natalie and Wika secure the storm trysail sheet; Alicia and Jordan dance with the CTD during a science deployment.

20°50.8’ N x 057°23.5’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
210°T, 7kts, Motorsailing under the Stormtris’l, Forestays’l

NExE, Cloudy with light rains

Souls on board

Today marks our 21st day on the Corwith Cramer. Three weeks and many long nights later we are almost at the end of our journey. I feel that as a community we have grown a lot and really gotten to know each other. I love my fellow ship mates and I can truly say that I am very happy to have gotten to know them all. Its hard work living on a boat and you get frustrated and upset but your shipmates are always there to lift you up.

The sheer beauty of the ccean has also been on full display. Huge storm clouds with arcing lightning, to amazing sunsets with every shade of red imaginable. We have been blessed to go on this voyage and I will be truly sad when it is over, for now we are soaking up every moment and making the most out of every minute. I think we are all excited to say; Land ho! And reach the beautiful shores of the Caribbean, but for now we are continuing to sail the high seas. Thank you again to everyone at SEA for making this trip possible and to all the loving families at home reading this blog.

- Frederik Hoffmann, C Watch

P.S: Love you Mom

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#1. Posted by Astrid on November 04, 2019

I so enjoy reading all your log entries, it is so inspiring to see how you all learn from each other and your environment. May you keep the sense of wonder alive, your friendships strong and your hearts and minds open to what you can achieve as a team. Very happy for all of you! Astrid
A big hug to Frederik xoxoxo



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