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July 27, 2017

Mystic Seaport Field Trip

Jill Powers & Juliette Brophy, Andover High School & Stone Ridge School

SEA Semester

Juliette and Jill explore Mystic Seaport

The wonderful 6:15 wake up today had every one of us filled with joy. (jk) We slept walked down to a table filled with bagels and fruit to start our long day ahead. Chores were completed before we all mustered to board our bus to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. After another two hour nap opportunity most of us gladly took, we finally arrived in Mystic around 10.

Upon entry our Oceans & Society teacher Dan the man lead us down the shipyard to go aboard the fishing schooner L.A. Dunton where we took a gander at a demonstration of seining AKA handline fishing for maiden fish. As the demonstration was conducted we got our first listen of a shanty, which is a maritime genre of music that is sung to set a rhythm when pulling in the lines. Aboard this ship we were welcomed below deck to see the living quarters.

Another ship we saw and had the opportunity to board was the Charles W. Morgan. This ship is the last floating wooden whaling ship today. We were just in the nick of time to see a whaling demonstration where we were shown different types of harpoons and how they would pursue a whale. After we broke for lunch Dan brought us to listen to some more sea shanties and we got the opportunity to sing along. Around 3 o’clock we boarded the bus again back to campus. Some of us took the second opportunity to nap while others completed the assignments for the day.

We all gathered in the library for a movie, Captains Courageous, followed by a study hall and then bedtime.

- Jill & Juliette

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