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June 20, 2017

My PEP Experience so far

Elizabeth Smith, Spelman College

SEA Semester

Hard at work, or hardly working?

Hey yall! My name is Elizabeth “Liz” Smith. I am a junior environmental science major from Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. If you hadn’t guess from my use of “yall”, I am a Southern Belle. This is my first time in the New England and I am loving it! It took a few days to get use to the weather (I left 85 degrees with a summer breeze for 65 and a wind chill. What was I thinking?!) but after 3 weeks here in Falmouth I am well acclimated.

In my 3 weeks, I have had the opportunity to learn about physical, chemical, geological, and biological oceanography. As an environmental science major I have been able to apply these new learnings to my love for climate change research. My favorite class session so far has been about ocean acidification (OA). Today in class we did mock presentation in which we addressed different audiences about their role in the fight against OA. For example, my group addressed the town of Falmouth’s Board of Selectmen. Our presentation included a layman definition of OA, how OA affects the waters surrounding Cape Cod, and a proposal for a citizen science program that would educate and encourage all Falmouth citizens to take a stand against OA. I liked this exercise because it allowed me and my classmates to practice our communication skills as well as our ability to think critically.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the 15 new friends I have made. Our favorite pastimes have become deep conversations, family dinners, walking to the beach, and procrastinating (don’t tell our teachers!). Thanks to PEP I now have a network of 15 like-minded yet completely unique individuals from all across the country.

- Elizabeth

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