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July 25, 2018

Marsh Madness

Patrick Boyer & Maxwell Schneider-White, Flagler Palm Coast High School & Germantown Friends School

SEA Semester

Above: Kat, Xava, and Brooke collect data at Woodneck Beach; Below: The geology group does a transect of Woodneck Beach.

We woke up to an early morning of pancakes and syrup, courtesy of Jaime, and groggily stumbled about our morning chores. This completed, we went up to the Madden center for our first class, oceans and society, with Kate, in which we went over the history of the Wampanoag people, the native group indigenous to Massachusetts. We came to understand the rich history of an overlooked group, which allowed us to better place in context the works of Wampanoag authors which we then read.

After this, we went to a neighboring salt marsh to collect scientific data in our respective groups. In groups of three we each set up a 10x10 square meters, where we took water samples for salinity and pH, described the conditions, and, most memorably, gathered biological samples.

The marshland was teeming with life: we found a vast array of life, including crabs, fish and shrimp. More specifically, we saw fiddler, hermit, and blue crabs, silverside minnows and pipefish, and shrimp of various sizes. We then gathered them up, and brought some of our top catches back to the Madden center.

After a quick lunch, we started an art project for oceans and society in the lecture hall, where began working on an artistic rendition of the ocean. Oceanography followed, with a comprehensive lecture on various sea life, from the micro to macroscopic. A trip to town came as a welcome release from work, as we visited several shops and got delicious ice cream cones from Ben and Bill's.

In the evening we worked on Turk's heads, a type of ankle bracelet, and headed home for some rest. All in all, a productive and enjoyable day!

- Patrick Boyer, Flagler Palm Coast High School
- Maxwell Schneider-White , Germantown Friends School.

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#1. Posted by Mary Jodeane Pringle on July 30, 2018

Are the life vests to protect these students from rogue waves? grin



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