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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 24, 2016

Mama Cramer Presents: Whale Watching

Duff Dean, University of Texas at Austin

Transatlantic Crossing

49°30.8’N x 19°30.8’W

Description of location
475 miles away from Cork, Ireland!

7.3 knots (with engine)

Weather / Wind
partly cloudy/ none (F3)

Souls on Board

Worried Parents and Avid Sailors Alike,

We are just 475 nm from the rocky coast of Ireland, and the climax is beginning to build! Many of the students have now made peace with the commotion of the ocean, and all eyes are set towards the ending of our miraculous journey.

Novels could be written about the lessons we are learning as JWO’s and JLO’s, as many of these blogs can attest to, but I’d like take this moment to give a brief snapshot of the excitement seen over the last few days. Those working on science papers have been furiously typing away, spending long hours with their mentors and polishing their final results. Meanwhile, many of those in the leadership component (myself included) are broadening our thoughts of leadership as we continue to see our capabilities grow. Tonight at 2300 marks the final due date for both science and leadership papers, so rest well as we will knowing the rest of the voyage will be spent in appreciation of what we have accomplished and of the time we have left. Beyond academics, life on the boat has become as regular as the tide for most. As the watch schedule becomes more engrained in the way we structure our day, and as we become more experienced in our actions, we have been able to come together more as a crew and enjoy the final leg of our journey.

While many of our struggles on board have been directed towards things we cannot control in the past – whether it be a mismatched sleep schedule, a lingering cold front, or the ripe smell of a freshly processed meter net. We are beginning to see the beauty in the unexpected. Last night during dawn watch, we were welcomed by three bioluminescent dolphins, writing in cursive along our beams, and this morning we were made awake by large plumes of water on the horizon and the surfacing of 4-5 large Fin Whales. Needless to say, this trip has had its ups in downs, but I believe I can speak for most when I say the wonders cease to amaze!

Thanks for not calling the Coast Guard Mom. I miss you and the family and can’t wait to tell you more about our experience.

Captain Jack Sparrow

PS. Shout outs from the crew: Alexandra says “Happy birthday, Dad!!”

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