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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 07, 2019

Little Snorkel Session

Izac Raker, Film School


Above: Me holding a sign saying ‘hello’ during our snorkel expedition today; Below: Some very fascinating coral.

Present Location
015° 34.8’ N x 81° 27.7’ W Currently at Anchor in port.

Beautiful skies, Occasional rains that sweep by, Bright sun.

Souls on board

Hello again… another day here on the Cramer. OMMMMGGGGG this is such a beautiful place. We are so blessed to be able to live on such a beautiful ship. Even from the shore the Cramer looks amazing. She is the tallest ship out in anchor by far, who knew that it would be housing students and interns as well as the professional crew. An amazing honor to be able to spend a small portion of my life on this spectacular vessel. Today we split up into groups, one group had the day off so some went on a hike and others a little boat ride up a river. The other group (My group) was tasked with staying on watch on the boat. Along with that we gotto go snorkeling (as my images hint to that).

There were so many cool things to see underwater. We got back to the boat and cleaned up the deck and then split into little watch times. We were each given a specific time to be on watch, this entailed Weather observations, Anchor bearings and a typical boat check. When done we were able to hang out for a bit. I decided it was my time to go hang out up top so I went aloft for a tiny bit to check it out. So beautiful up there, I love it. THANK YOU….

- Izac Raker… Film School

PS:  Hey mom and dad, great to be able to call the other day. Miss you guys.. 

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