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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans



Learning sextants

Erin Rea, B Watch, Middlebury College
Ocean Exploration

Sunset over clear skies

Noon Position
43° 40.1’S x 178° 18.2’E

Description of location
About halfway between New Zealand and the Chatham
Islands. Clear skies all day, although a squall passed by our stern aroundsunrise. Wind has died down, and we are now motoring as well.

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
3.0 kts

Taffrail Log
250.5 nm

Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
Sailing under the four lowers, ESE wind (force 2)

Souls on Board

It feels like we are all starting to get into the swing of life here aboard the Robert C. Seamans; you’d be surprised how easy it is to fall asleep at 0800 after standing watch from 0100-0700. In class today we got a break from hauling on lines and learned how to use sextants (so we know where we are).

Science is still science-ing—meaning we are doing twice daily neuston tows and other samples and processing the contents of our samples. Thus far I think we have collected some data for each of the student projects, which is a great sign! Particularly relevant to Laura and my project is some very large myctophids (lantern fish) that we caught in the midnight tow.

Charlotte (occasionally called Chelsea), Tristain (sometimes known as Tristan), and Adrian taught us how to tell the difference between three shrimp looking critters—the mysids, euphausids, and actual shrimp. I’ll give you a hint: only one of them has hairy armpits. And so passes another day at sea. Oh, also, I figured out why the term “ship-shape” means “clean”. We do a lot of cleaning here.

- Erin

Categories: Robert C. Seamans,Ocean Exploration, • Topics: s265  science  research • (2) Comments


#1. Posted by Karen F on April 07, 2016

Looks amazing.  Glad you are all learning so much and enjoying the food.  We are watching your progress each day and missing Jacob.  Hope that he gets in a picture soon!

#2. Posted by Swan Steve on April 15, 2016

Ahoy Cynthia!

Swan here. I’m sitting in Meena’s living room with our dear friends the pranksters thinking of you at sea. Hope you like your boat and you’ve been able to keep your food down. Jaws says “Frallie says “you look pretty on the boat”“. Frallie really says “I went to a cool talk with Puppy on Mars the other day.” Lemondrop thanks you for the SB pants. Shemp says “can’t wait for our trip in May.” Jaws says, “can I come?” Meena recently lost a rosham to turn in a paper soaked in tea to look old-fashioned. Puppy tried the red bean sesame seed pastry in chinatown with Tint and Swe.

Swan, Shemp, Jaws, Frallie, Emily sun, Jess, Mary, Lemondrop, Hannah, and Becca Børns



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