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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 31, 2016

Leadership & Swizzle

Megan Olson, C-Watch, Miami University

Historic Seaports

C-Watch concluding watch with their secret handshake and breaching like whales

37° 00.6’ N 9° 9.3’ W

Ship’s Speed

Sail Plan
The Four Lowers

Sunny, 21 degrees, Force 5 Winds

Blueberry Wine Blue

Souls on Board

Hello everyone!

Quite another beautiful day at sea. Today, us C-Watcher’s made exactly 50 miles during afternoon watch (perhaps there is a steak dinner in Rocky’s future). At some points we were going 9-10 knots, which is pretty cool. It has been bitter sweet in knowing that each particular watch (of 6 hours) on this leg will be our last, but we are definitely enjoying every minute. We are already missing Zach, but we all hope he is enjoying life right now, certainly not battling seasickness anymore.

All students on the Cramer have had the opportunity to lead their watch for a period of time, which has been very successful. Leadership involves making sure all duties of the watch are completed, as well as getting to call a jibe (turning the stern of the boat into the wind), and when to set, strike, or pass a sail.  I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone have the opportunity to lead, and I really enjoyed having the chance to call to my watch to set and strike the tops’l.

We are getting excited about Swizzle, the talent show that will be taking place on 2 August. I know I have some good stuff planned, I hope others do too! We also spotted some land today; the coast of Portugal. Can’t wait for the following adventures in the next and last few days!

Some more funny quotes to leave you all with from various people:

“ ‘Well, have you thought about an upgrade?’ ‘Oh yeah, I forgot that’s a thing I can do’ ” , “You are not going to make me yawn, Megan. You just look like you’re having a severe allergic reaction to air”   ,   “ ‘Your hair looks great. It’s all windswept’ ‘Yeah, I am a quidditch player now. ”  , “You can’t fool me with numbers…”  ,  “Because science is cool” , “Yeah, if someone could do a boat check, that’d be greaaaaaaat (Office Space, what I said as I held a mug of tea)”  ,  “Oh look, land. When did that happen?”,

Also: Happy birthday to my sister! I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to explore Jersey with you! Have a great day, love you!!

- Megan

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#1. Posted by Sharon Bonner on August 02, 2016

Steak dinner for Rocky for sure (cooked by Mum) when he finally has a few weeks on land. The best of the best watch leaders.

#2. Posted by Kim Tiedeken on August 04, 2016

To all of the brave souls on board, I too am a little sad that your lovely adventure has come to an end. I feel as if I have gone through it with you, albeit on land.
I’m certain you are all looking forward to seeing your families as we are in seeing you!
The best of everything to you all now and in the future!
Sincerely, Kim T



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