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July 18, 2018

Last Day of Classes

Grace Levins & Bryce Menichella, Easthampton High School & Charlotte Country Day School

SEA Semester

Above: Last trip to the beach; Below: Elizabeth and Bryce discuss Argentina's perspective in the whaling debate.

We started the day by being able to sleep in until 8. We had breakfast, did chores, and had our final watch meetings with Phoenix and Orion. After that we headed for oceanography which was a student choice set of lessons. During Saturday’s movie, we gave suggestions for topics for today’s class. Maia covered navigation, endangered species, bioluminescence, hydrothermal vents, ice cores. We took a 10-minute break and then had a lesson from Ben Harden about physical oceanography. This brought a whole new aspect to oceanography for me. We had an experiment mixing waters of different densities using food dye. Additionally, we had an experiment to represent climate change and the melting glaciers using the flow of warm and cold water. We finished our oceanography for the day and went back to the houses for lunch. We had Mac n cheese and cantaloupe. After lunch, we went to Oceans and Society to participate in the Whaling Debate that we had been preparing for the past couple of days. During this, we had been split into groups to represent a country that either support or disagree with whaling. Once the verdict was in about a moratorium on whaling, we transitioned into listening to the podcasts that we had created. Everyone enjoyed coloring, eating popcorn, and listening to our beautiful recorded voices. We then were let out for free time. A lot of us decided to go to the beach for the last time. The water pretty cold, but it was nice to all be together playing games for one of the last times. Tonight, dinner was ribs and tater tots which were deliciously made by Jamie. We ended the night at study hall where we completed a reflection and organized our binders. It was a pretty great day overall and we are excited to see what tomorrow will bring on our last day!

- Grace Levins, Easthampton High School
- Bryce Menichella, Charlotte Country Day School

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