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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 05, 2019

Last Day in Napier

Jack Porterfield, B Watch, University of Vermont


View from the beach, from the town of Napier.

Current Position
39°28.620’ S, 176°55.221’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked in Napier

Clear skies, light breeze out of NE, 20° C

Souls on board

Today was the last full day of our impromptu stop in Napier. A few days ago, we looked forward to today being the end of our longest segment at sea, as the original plan had us arriving in Wellington today. Instead, we have spent the last three days enjoying Napier, a mid-sized beach town in Hawke’s Bay.

We started the day with an all hands breakfast at 0730. B Watch was lucky enough to be relieved from dock watch duties last night, so I got my first uninterrupted night of sleep in what feels like a long time. After breakfast, we mustered on deck and heard the updated plans for our voyage moving forward as the bowsprit repairs are being finished up here in Napier. We will be heading out tomorrow morning and spending the next week at sea on our way down to Wellington. After spending a few days in Wellington, we will complete the final leg of the journey on the way down to Lyttleton. Unfortunately, due to our lack of time we will not be able to make it down to Dunedin, which was supposed to be our southernmost port stop. While a bit disappointing, this has given us the chance to see some things that were not part of our original plan.

After hearing our updated plans, we cleaned the boat and said goodbye to our wonderful assistant steward, Sophie, who is ending her trip here in Napier to prepare for her next trip with SEA. I’m sure Sophie enjoyed the hug I gave her while holding the contents of the shower drain I was cleaning. After morning chores, we spent some time on the boat working on addenda for our various projects which we are looking to wrap up in the near future. We then were all very excited to hear that we had the rest of the day off to spend in Napier, with no agenda other than to relax and mentally prepare for the next leg of our journey.      

Napier is home to beautiful rocky beaches, colorful Art Deco architecture, wineries, world-class bird watching and catching, and, most notably, Opossum World. Opossum World is a store and exhibit centered around products made from invasive opossums that was spoken of very highly by crew members who had spent time in Napier. Expectations were very high, and it is safe to say that Opossum World did not disappoint. After spending the last two days exploring this and other parts of Napier, many of us decided to spend most of our last day relaxing on the beach. The time to explore the town and decompress on the beach was much needed after a full day of research and writing, and spirits seemed to be high as we returned to the boat this evening.

It seems to be the consensus that we enjoyed our time here in Napier, but we are ready to take on the next leg of the journey and get to Wellington. The forecast for the next few days looks favorable, with winds out of the North that should allow us to do some productive sailing as we head south.

(Hi Mom)

- Jack Porterfield, B Watch, University of Vermont

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#1. Posted by Katherine Porterfield on March 05, 2019

Thanks Jack, you got it in there for me - great job:)
We all miss you and love following all of the S-284 posts! 
I wish you all fair winds and following seas for the remainder of your journey.  Enjoy!
xoxoxo, Mom



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