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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 27, 2016

Land Ho!

Katie Armstrong, Mount Holyoke College

Transatlantic Crossing

Land (Skellig Michael) off the port bow!

51°17.7’N x 10°06.3’W

4 knots

Weather / Wind
mostly sunny, F3 (not a ton)

Souls on Board

Hello friends and family near and far,

Many of you will be ecstatic to know that, for the first time in three weeks, we have finally seen land! Everyone came up on deck this morning to a surprising view of islands (including Skellig Michael, which was featured in the latest Star Wars movie!) located off of the southwest coast of Ireland, which we were able to tour from afar. After a fantastic morning hopping on and off the bowsprit to get a better view of the island and the puffins that call it home, everyone gathered in the main salon to learn about the Final Mission phase of our trip: each watch will be working on their own (with the quiet supervision of watch officers) to, per order of the New Republic, sample surface waters possibly contaminated by dark-side forces near a lost Jedi temple sought by Luke Skywalker. In other words, each watch is responsible for reaching a certain position by a specific time and completing a Neuston tow, taking surface station pH and processing the Neuston during their watch before 1300 tomorrow. We are well prepared for this Final Mission!

On a different note, as we prepare to reach land, I’m going to borrow a from a journal entry that I made last week. After waking up from a nice morning nap, I took some time to recall the smaller things that may go unnoticed day by day, but that will be distant memories when on land.

I’m going to miss being rocked to sleep by the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) roll of the waves just beyond my bunk. As a resident of the snack bunk, I’m going to miss waking up to Bex’s (our steward) amazing stories and the laughter of everyone listening in. I’m going to miss the fact that I get to see my ship, shipmates and self at every hour of a day. I’m going to miss the steady beeps of the CHIRP day and night. I am going to miss standing lookout in the evening, peering at more stars than I’ve ever imagined seeing as wave crests spark bioluminescent fireworks below me, and joy that looking into the seemingly endless sea brings when one imagines how much must be below. I am going to miss singing sea shanties with Rocky, Meg, and anyone else who will join, and being able to connect with others without the distraction of technology. I am going to miss timing every movement with the waves, because they will either make things 10x easier or 100x harder. I am going to miss the craziness of switching watch officers every week as we face new challenges and gain more important roles. I am going to miss Chris and Shawn appearing out of nowhere to photograph fleeting moments. I’m going to miss reading through the blog posts in the library to see the tiny glimpse that land lubbers get of how we live and what we do.

Most of all, though, I will miss the people that I’ve met and the stories we’ve told and laughs that we’ve shared. I’m not sure that, until we depart, we can even realize how close we’ve grown and how fast, and how much we will miss each other once we’ve gone. As much as I miss my family, friends and homeland, I will forever be split between the land and the sea, the stable earth where foliage seems to scrape the skies and the rolling of the waters where wave crests sparkle on the horizon.

I will never be the same.

- Katie

P.S. To add to the recent slew of dad birthdays, happy birthday Dad and Uncle Paul! Also hello Mom and Pat (and any other friends and family reading), I love and miss you!

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#1. Posted by Joanne Armstrong on June 28, 2016

Katie A., we love and miss you, too! We’re so happy that you’re having the time of your life but really can’t wait to see you! Patrick’s been missing you quite a bit ❤️ See you at Logan

#2. Posted by Elizabeth on June 29, 2016

Hi Molly
Welcome to land!! I know this transition will be tough. You loved it and probably won’t have the words to describe it. You’ve made a home and family in the open ocean and now face the land and all the things your familiar and accustomed to yet probably want to flee from back to the safety of your rocking ship. Just know that we love you and understand.
Always, mom



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