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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

February 23, 2018

Land HO! Sailing into Samana

Karen Lynch, B Watch, Knox College

Caribbean Study Abroad

Cramer crew members boating into Samaná from where the ship rests at anchor.

Current Location
019° 11.5’ N x 069° 19.8’ W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
At Anchor in Samaná Bay, DR in 40ft of water

Wind coming from the NExE (yay trade-winds!) at a force of 2 and wave heights no higher than 4 feet from ExS, a few cumulous clouds drifting in the sky and a nice warm day at 28 degrees Celsius.

Souls on board

Hello to one and all of you wonderful souls keeping up with the Cramer! Throughout this past week of sailing, I have experienced a seemingly endless array of blue skies, cumulous and stratus clouds, and constellations - of course with very slight interruption of squalls blowing through from time to time. I have, in fact, spent a great deal of time contemplating the sky, as I experienced enough sea- sickness to be jokingly referred to as the "aloft lookout" by my watch. For those fearing sea sickness let me re-assure you, it passes in time, and is made worth it by the new experiences and wealth of learning to be had on board a sailing ship at sea.

Yesterday (Friday) was our first day in the Dominican Republic, specifically Samaná Bay, and I could feel the excitement of coming ashore just as viscerally as the settling of my stomach in coming into calmer waters. However, before going on shore, there was stuff to be done, and so we began the day with an all-out scrub down of the Corwith Cramer, something that here on board we call "field day". By the time we finished, customs was cleared and we were able to sit down to a re-energizing lunch and head on into Samaná.

Samaná. Gosh, what can I even say? There is so much more than anything I could try to express here; and I have a lot of excitement-probably even more so now that I have gotten a miniscule experience of it- in exploring Samaná a little more. Yesterday I was able to roam around for a while with different members of my crew (we all ran into one another at some point), and take in a little breath of this port city. The music of Samaná is something I find myself paying extra close attention to, especially as I am doing a little of my own research into different music within the Caribbean, especially at some of these more major port stops that we will be visiting. Anyway, I digress, if just a bit, in expressing that there is so much music here in Samaná, and in many different forms already, so I am excited to see what else I might hear between now and our departure. Today (Saturday), we were able to see a little of the Los Haitises national park, also along the Samaná Bay area. It is the home of many lush beautiful mangroves, and also has a seemingly endless and intricate system of cliffs and caves, all beautiful and interesting in a multitude of different ways. We had a fun time kayaking through the mangrove forests and exploring a bit of one of the caves. Anyway, lots more to look forward to both off and on the Cramer!

- Karen Lynch, B Watch, Knox College

P. S. A little shout-out to any of my fam following along, love you all!

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#1. Posted by Nick Sette on February 26, 2018

Hi Nick
Hope the sea sickness I have read others expeirenced avoids you!  Samana sounds so interesting so I am sure you will have lots to share upon your return.  Be safe and have fun! Luv Grammie

#2. Posted by Janet Lynch on February 26, 2018

Hello Karen and all your ship mates!  Thank you for all of the updates and photos of your wonderful adventures.  We have enjoyed being able to follow along.  I bet the constellations are amazing from your perspective. PS 19:1-2  
1 The heavens proclaim the glory of God.
  The skies display his craftsmanship.
2 Day after day they continue to speak;
  night after night they make him known.
Praying for you all! Love to you from everyone here, Karen!



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