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July 21, 2015

Knots & Lectures & The Beach, Oh My!

Marissa Shaw & Shoshana Moriarity, SEASCape II RAs

SEA Semester

First class picture of SEASCape 2 2015!

Students woke up bright and early this morning to fresh blueberry muffins and the haze of another hot day. After chores and meetings with watch groups, where students learned to tie figure 8 knots, everyone arrived in the Madden Center eager to begin academic work. Last night, students had come up with terms they thought encompassed the study of oceanography--a very impressive and extensive list including zooxanthanlae, wow--and today under Maia's direction students sorted these terms into broader categories.

In Maritime History and Culture, discussions about why humans are so enthralled by the ocean took place, sparking serious thought and contribution from all. After lunch, everyone welcomed the chance to return to Madden's air conditioned classroom to learn about scientific instruments used for oceanographic exploration, including equipment used by SEA ships. Once their final class was over, students had some free time to relax, nap, or read. Many walked to Racing Beach where they swam in the bay (the 68 degree water felt almost warm!). With dinner in their bellies, everyone trekked to Madden once again to watch Captain's Courageous and have study hall. Everyone will get some good sleep tonight in preparation for our first big field trip to New Bedford tomorrow!

The Lovelier RA's,
Marissa & Shoshana

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