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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 30, 2020

Keep Calm and Sail On

Kyrie Newby & Lindsay Campbell, Colorado College & Stevens Institute of Technology


Above: The Cramer sails out of November; Below: Daniel showing off his foulies as he prepares for the incoming storm.

Noon Position
24 degrees 41.9’ N 083 degrees 24.7’ W

Ship Heading
030 degrees

Ship Speed
Around 7 Knots

Taffrail Log
448.2 Nautical Miles

Rainy with winds from several directions

General Location
SW of Dry Tortugas

Marine Mammals Observed last 24hrs
10 Bottlenose Dolphins

Souls on board

Farewell to the month of November from the SSV Corwith Cramer! The weather has been a little frightful, but the sailing is quite delightful, so as long as we heave to and fro, let it foam, let it foam, let it foam! Today we finally got some of this weather that everyone's been talking about and we learned about an entirely new side of sailing and running a ship (mostly the high side). We opened up our foulies and braved the storm, learning on the way that a ball cap can be far more useful in the rain than in the sun. The dolphins, however, seemed to enjoy the clouds and hung around outside the boat for several hours while playing in the waves. We had class below deck for the first time and learned about geological oceanography through sediment sampling. Our sample from a few days ago contained calcium carbonate skeletons, shell pieces, and bright red crustose coralline algae. It was a lot like brushing away sand from a museum gift shop archaeology kit, with the surprise inside being real scientific data rather than plastic dinosaurs (although we must say, both are pretty fun). The ship was a rollercoaster for most of the day and even those of us with brand new sea legs decided to retire early with a few saltines and a whole lot of hope that the waves calm down overnight. And, well, if it doesn't - let it foam!

- Kyrie Newby, Colorado College and Lindsay Campbell, Stevens Institute of Technology, Watch B

P.S. Happy Birthday Kailey! Lots of love from the Florida Straits! √Lindsay

P.P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!!!!! Thank you for teaching me to love weather ? Be sure to listen to lots of Christmas songs for me! With frons like these, well who needs anemones? - Kyrie

Editor's Note: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, all SEA Semester students, faculty, and crew aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer boarded the ship after strictly isolating on shore, and after repeated negative tests for COVID-19. To ensure the health and safety of those onboard, the ship will not conduct any port stops and will remain in coastal waters so that any unlikely medical situations may be resolved quickly.

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#1. Posted by Chris Newby on December 01, 2020

To Kyrie, and all the C-295 students,
What better way to experience the weather, than the way my father did, on the high seas! (Although, his ship was a ‘bit’ bigger—USS Forrestal (CV-59) Aircraft supercarrier). I’m also guessing some of you may disagree about the ‘high seas’ part. Thanks for the birthday wishes. More lights go up every day, and the music is playing!

#2. Posted by Cristy B Basa on December 01, 2020

Love the photo, Daniel! Wishing you all calm seas and the most beautiful silver linings in the days ahead.
Love - Mom, Dad, Samuel
Woof - Pogi and Cramer

#3. Posted by Michelle Stewardso on December 02, 2020

Delightful article, appreciated the seasonal tone too! Can’t wait to hear about it in person Lindsay.

Love from Auntie Toot Toot.



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