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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

June 12, 2016

Junior Watch Officer Phase

CJ Brown, Columbia University

Pacific Reef Expedition

B watch does a celebratory conga line after winning the pin rail chase!

Noon Position
9° 26.9’ N x 156° 21.1’ W

Description of location
Entered the ITCZ today and heading for Honolulu!

Ship Heading
355.75 degrees true

Ship Speed
5.2 knots

Taffrail Log
1978.1 nautical miles

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
Motor sailing under the stays’ls turning 1400 RPMs. Wind east bye north force 3. Seas NE height 4-5 feet. Course ordered 000 per ship’s compass.

Souls on Board

Today marks the beginning of our JWO/JLO phase. While some of you might be wondering what Jennifer Lopez has to do with sailing, JWO and JLO stand for Junior Watch Officer and Junior Lab Officer. This final phase of our trip marks our taking on more responsibility and stepping into the roles we have watched our mates and scientists excellently perform. While our expert staff will still be there to correct mistakes before they ultimately occur, they will no longer direct us step by step, and they expect us to come up with a plan and execute it. We also wear a tutu during our JWO or JLO watch for added fun. Hannah looked marvelous in the pink tutu this morning while she performed her duties as B Watch's first JWO. A key to success in this phase is using the knowledge we have collected as a watch, not just trying to lead on your own. We have all learned different skills, and it is crucial that we help each other through the challenge of putting it all together.

I am fortunate to say I have great faith and trust in my watch. Over the past three weeks, these five other students, scientist and mate have become my family. Yesterday we all put our faith in our mate and scientist, Finn and Abby, as they taught us how to go aloft. Finn helped us all put on harnesses and showed us how to maintain three points of contact with the rope ladder at all times, while Abby pointed out how we could step up the port rail to get to the ladder and took photos when we succeeded in scaling to the top. We even have a book that on one side features "Weird & Funny Things Finn Says" and on the other side "Cute Things Abby Does." They have taught us so much, and I know all of B watch is excited to show them how well they have taught us in our JWO/JLO phase. Completing our B Watch family, we have Alex, the Italian Long Islander, Andrew, the Hawaiian surfer, Madeline, the adventurous Minnesota native, Dana, my sorority sister in Charleston, and Hannah, the goofy Rhode Islander. We may be a little crazy, but I would not have it other way.

Beyond B watch, I have grown close to so many of the amazing people on this boat. These people more than anything are what make it hard to realize we only have seven days left together. On the one hand, I am so excited to talk to and see my family and friends back home, but on the other hand, it will break my heart to leave these people and our home, Mama Seamans. These past few weeks had their difficulties, such as being seasick for the entire first week, but ultimately I have grown so much. As I run around this last week hauling on lines, setting sails, and deploying the CTD, I will savor each moment with my ship family and look forward to reuniting with my land family.

- CJ

PS: To Hannah's mom, dad, or Nik: Hannah lost the SIM card to her cell phone on Christmas Island. Can you bring her a new SIM card to JFK please?

To Dad and Ashby- Happy early Birthday dad! I cannot wait to see you both so soon.
To Mom- I miss you tons, and I can't wait for all your hugs!
To Colin- I can't wait to tell you what I think of all your books but you're definitely not a sociopath ? love you boo
To Dustin- I miss you so freaking much, and I love you even more. Happy almost four years!
To Gina- I miss you panda! Can't wait to tell you about everything and cuddle.
To HRD- I hope you three are having fun all over the world from Italy to England to Maine! Deej I can't wait to see you and Munch! Han I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Roar I can't wait to FaceTime when I get back and hear about your life and your food exploration.
To the Crew- I can't wait for all the amazing adventures this summer will have, from Nev's garage to "bonding" to deep talks. Love you all.

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#1. Posted by Sofina Crosby on June 14, 2016

Heather so good to see a picture of you since y’all passed the equator (your hair looks great)!!  Miss & Love you bunches, Mother

#2. Posted by betty crosby on June 14, 2016

I having enjoyed all the posting so much. sounds like such an amazing trip with lasting memories . Hello to Heather much love from mawmaw and pawpaw looking forward to hearing all the stories

#3. Posted by Pica Family on June 14, 2016

Go B watch!  Sounds like you guys have learned how to work and have fun together!  Can’t believe you are in your last week already.  Enjoy every moment. Safe sailing.

#4. Posted by Kimrie Donovan on June 14, 2016

Loved reading your post, Claire (CJ)!  I’m sure you will never forget this past month.  So excited to see you but can imagine there are mixed emotions now that you found your “sea legs”.  Please keep me posted about your arrival as I am already in the DC area this weekend.
Lots of love, Mom



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