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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

April 20, 2016

Into the Blue Beyond

Marina Hein, B Watch Northland College

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

One last look back to San Juan.

19° 08’ N x 066° 25’ W

Description of location
North of Puerto Rico.


3 kts

Weather / Wind
E, BF 3

Souls on Board

Today was the day we left the ‘safety’ of the San Juan harbor, pulling up anchor and setting sail. Waking up at 0600 hours, I ate a small breakfast because I didn’t know how seasick I would be once we got out of the harbor. After helping to set and gybe sails I was feeling great, riding each pitch of the boat like a carnival ride, and went below for engine room duty with our engineer. We pumped bilges and turned on the water makers. It turns out, given enough time in the hot, loud, and powerful smelling bilge room, I get seasick in what I’d like to think was an hour. I was not alone on the leeward side of the quarterdeck.

After reaching about 3 nautical miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, we began to see Sargassum fragments. Our neuston net tow of the day brought up a new variety of the floating seaweed our Chief Scientist has never seen before. Now, after dinner, the day is coming to a close and most everyone has adjusted to the constant (and now that we’re farther from shore, more forgiving) roll and pitch of the ship. The sun disappeared over the horizon
with a blink of the elusive green flash, and we’re set to sail through the night under an almost-full moon, into the big blue beyond.

- Marina

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#1. Posted by Lee on April 25, 2016

Marina, I hope you have your sea legs by now.  You and Toby are now the great sailors of the family.  The Mississippi must look like just a drop of water in a bucket now.
Happy sailing.

#2. Posted by Anne Hein/momma on April 27, 2016

Good-Evening honey! today is the 27th and I have read thru all your shipmates posts.  This type of class endeavor is beyond my scope and I am so happy for all involved, it is such a tremendous learning experience in all your daily activities! I showed your post to dad, he read thru it, smiled and said, “I’ll check this out in the morning, I’ve got to go to bed now.” It’s planting season too.  The Mississippi continues to ride high as do the empty barges heading north and it has been swift and a bit choppy. A light rain started today that will continue thru the wkend. And of course the color could no way be described as a beautiful blue! Love you much, many hugs & kisses from US.

#3. Posted by Grammie on April 28, 2016

Once you roll with the waves you’ll get your sea legs and forever after you will love the sea. You are aptly named. Ofcourse you could be Lori-lie. (Sp?)
I hope you are keeping a journal. I look so forward to an evening with you.
Hugs and kisses, Grammie

Hello to your new friends. I am so jealous!

#4. Posted by Bronte Gross on April 29, 2016





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