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July 31, 2017

Intellectual Voyage

Katarina Zahedi & Nadia Diskin-Gaudette, Milton Academy & Boston Latin School

SEA Semester

Hello world. Welcome to the first and final edition of Katarina and Nadia’s blog.

Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and pineapples (Katarina really likes pineapples, while Nadia did not eat any. She prefers potatoes). It was lively and loud as usual in B House because B house is best house, whereas in C House it was peaceful and quiet.

After breakfast, we mustered outside to learn new knots in our watch meeting. We learned a square (reef) knot and a slipped reef knot. Some of us struggled at first, but with the help of our wonderful watch leaders, we eventually mastered the art of the knot.

Next, we walked to the Madden Center for a day full of learning. Our first class was Oceans and Society with Dan the Man. We learned about the connections between the religious and economic history of fisheries. Basically, the international herring and cod fishing industry is the equivalent to today’s oil industry. Wow. You learn something new everyday.

We continued our intellectual voyage in our Oceanography class where we learned about marine mammals. There are four different types of marine mammals: cetaceans, pinnipeds, sirenians, and fissipeds. And what would a marine mammal learning experience be without watching some cute baby seal and otter videos. How adorable!

Unfortunately, we could not have Taco Tuesday tomorrow due to our field trip (spoiler alert tee hee), so we had Taco Monday. And thus, we had lunch. It was très délicieux (That’s right, we speak french). Sabrina, our steward, is our mom and a wonderful cook. Thank you, Sabrina!

After lunch, we met back in Madden Center to continue our Oceanography class. We learned about the different ways to classify marine life, such as by energy source, mobility, life cycle, and habitat. Maia, our Oceanography teacher, then took us to the lab to see different types of marine life. Under the microscope, we found a copepod, a crab larvae, and other plankton in a sample of water from our Zephyr boat trip earlier in the week. We also saw various preserved (but sadly deceased) marine organisms such as a porcupinefish, a brittle star, and a paper nautilus.

What a wonderful day of learning! We ended the day’s intellectual voyage with some free time. A few people went to the beach, some went to a convenience store, while others just relaxed and kicked back on campus.

In the evening, we all gathered together for a lovely burger dinner and then we had exploratory. In exploratory, all of the RA’s and Sabrina talked about their experiences with college and the SEA Semester program. Emma, one of our RA’s, had a hilarious presentation and also included a video of a seahorse giving birth. Oh, the miracle of life! Overall, all of the presentations were very eye-opening.

And thus, we end our day with study hall where the #1 blog writers, Katarina and Nadia, wrote this very blog you are reading right now. Readers, you guys are the real MVP. Thanks for reading!

Katarina and Nadia

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