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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 28, 2016

In Honor of the Challenge

Erin K Adams, Third Assistant Scientist

Transatlantic Crossing

BB8 has the Con.

51° 50.5’N x 008° 16.1’W


mostly sunny except for the brief Dark Force squall in the morning.

Souls on Board

The fortunate ones challenge themselves and push their boundaries. They attempt to enrich their life experience by stepping out of their comfort zones to see what lies on the other side of difficult. The challenging bits are different for each person and the rewards vary as much as this ragtag group of voyagers. Each of us on board are here for different reasons and seek different goals and we should not forget what drew us all here - to this ship, to this lifestyle, and to this voyage. In this group I see adventurers, dreamers, knowledge-seekers, and revelers who, when it boils down, all just decided to hop on a boat and sail across an ocean together to see what would happen. I've been in good company.

The most recent challenge was that of "The Mission." Over the course of last night and this morning, each watch came together and used the skills they honed over the past month to successfully complete the operatives requested of us from the New Republic (the governing body in the Star Wars universe). Through varying winds, fishing traffic, and a pretty significant Dark Force squall, the students overcame the obstacles and used their collective knowledge to fully operate the deck and lab. We rotated watches "home" yesterday, so Scott, the chief mate, and I found ourselves back with A Watch, where it all started.  It was an incredibly fun dawn watch standing back and reaping the benefit of seeing how much the students have grown since that first day.

So, we have made our way through the raw beauty of the North Atlantic. We've been rocked to sleep and jolted awake while sailing, science-ing, and playing in between. Sleepy eyes, a special mix of bed/hat hair, damp clothing, layers upon layers of wool, tea cups, and foulies are the uniform of our tribe. We all talk and act funny now with new vocabulary and daily rituals. Through all of it, the matriarch of this journey, Cramer boat herself, cradled us from one shore to another and in return we cared for her and therefore each other and ourselves.

We see you now Ireland. This evening we anchor at Cobh (Cove). A significant port where 2.5 million Irish left in search of new opportunity in America. Tomorrow we transit the River Lee to come alongside in Cork City for our last full day as a ships company.  Morale is high and channel fever may be setting in, but it is bittersweet. The joys and complexities of land await but the rhythm and simplicity of sea life is now ingrained in all of us.

However, even after we all go our separate ways, this thirty-one person community of the Cramer will always be the crew of C-267. Stand proud. Thank you for the constant inspiration, for making this journey so sweet, and the challenges all the more rewarding. 


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#1. Posted by Joe John on June 30, 2016

Congratulations Meg and everyone, A tost to my grandmother who shipped over to New York in the 1920’s , Helen Quigley,and now my daughter sails back , to all the many loops in life , loop on.99



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