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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 21, 2016

Hello from the other side (East of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Ian Kasaitis, McDaniel College

Transatlantic Crossing

Ian K smiling for science

048° 14.7 ‘N x 027° 26.9’ W

Souls on Board

Hey Land Lovers!

Nine days left until we reach the pot of gold called Ireland.  It seems like everyone has hit their stride, especially considering we are now ready to be JWOs and JLO’s (Junior and Lab watch officers). Today I was Junior Lab officer, it was a completely different rhythm from being shadow, but I feel like I am starting to learn what being a leader is all about. To me being a leader is always taking into consideration what your followers need from you.

But on a different note! We just crossed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and now can say we are sailing through the Eastern Atlantic. On top of that mesmerizing idea, we saw a pod of pilot whales; they were breaching right behind our ship. I can remember everyone screaming out of excitement as they were running to deck. People were smiling and laughing; it was a real bonding experience. It is also really nice seeing animals in their natural habitat instead of an aquarium or zoo; it really allows you to appreciate them more.

It is also really funny talking about land with everyone (Katie Sipple next to me just called it a foreign concept). We laugh about the idea of grass and stability, Katie also just said “What is balance?” Some people say they are going to jump in the grass when they get back. It’s funny because I can really picture them doing that, the group of people here are hilarious. In the end, however, I think all of us will miss this adventure.

I think when we get to land, walking away from the Corwith Cramer will be like leaving your best friend. This ship keeps us safe, the memories here have been priceless, and the knowledge gained will help us carve paths in the future. When we all get back home we will have some awesome sea stories to tell all of you too, from navigating in the thickest fog to staring at the Atlantic sunsets.

Fair Winds,

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#1. Posted by Elizabeth Lapointe on June 22, 2016

Congratulations Molly for reaching with your shipmates, the other side of the mid Atlantic Grid!  You all did it!

Love Mom & Dad- Elizabeth & Jeff, Colby & Anika & Jingle

#2. Posted by Sharon Petrosky on June 27, 2016

Hi Ian,

So great to hear from you, via ur log. We have been wondering how u were doing. We miss you and are so happy that you are doing great and enjoying this wonderful adventure that you will never forget!  Safe travels on the rest of your journey, enjoy Ireland !!!! 
Sharon and Ken Petrosky



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