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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Jerelle Jesse, C Watch, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth


Yummy bunny cake lovingly decorated by Jackie, Catherine, and Julian!

Current Position
4° 37.3’ N x 141° 25.7’ W

Course & Speed
330° PSC, 8 knots!

Sail Plan
Motorsailing with stays’ls at 1400 rpm

Winds Northeast, force 3, ITCZ craziness

Happy Easter to family and friends on land!

The last couple days have been super busy for all of us aboard the Robert C. Seamans. The pollywog crew members and students faced Neptune’s judgment yesterday and became official shellbacks after crossing the Equator. Some of us even made donations to Neptune in the form of haircutting. Many braids were thrown from the ship and quickly taken away by the sea. The mohawks and shaved heads look great, guys!

Today we had Field Day and gave Mama Seamans a good cleaning. C watch was in charge of motivation, so we put on a short “Pirates of the Caribbean” skit with Captain Kate Sparrow leading the ship’s company in the cleaning process. Our wonderful Steward Nina passed out Easter eggs with a task for each of us hidden inside. Some of my favorites included Doug making Abby a moustache out of Nikesh’s hair, Beau and Nikesh having a light saber fight, and Catherine’s polar bear drawing for Drew. Personally, I had to awkwardly tap dance next to Catherine while she counted backwards from 50 in threes.

It might seem like life at sea is all play and no work, but I promise you that is not the case! As we move closer to Hawaii our science project work is getting more intense. Deadlines are fast approaching, and we are all feeling the pressure to process our data and still have time to sleep before watch! Right after I finish writing this, Alessandra and I will be working on the results of our gelatinous organisms oceanography research (Yay Jellyfish!). Today was also the first day of Junior Watch Officer/Junior Lab Officer with more responsibility for the ship in the students’ hands. Shout out to Sonia for being the first JWO! Hannah and Emilie are up next and I know they will do an amazing job!

Before I sign off I want to send love to my family and friends back home! I hope my family is doing great and my friends are having an amazing semester! Mom, I can’t wait to see you in Hawaii! Justine, I miss you! I hope you are getting lots of internship offers and are not too stressed with work. Dad and Jonathon, I love you guys. Grace, Katie, and Sarah, forget school and do something fun next weekend all together! Edmund and Joe, I hope you are behaving yourselves!

Love and fair winds,

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