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July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Mira!

Ashwin Padaki and Sam Brandt, Lexington High School and Princeton High School

SEA Semester

Students celebrate Mira's birthday with piles of snickerdoodles.

It was a relief having to wake up at 7:30 today, as we had significantly earlier wake-ups the previous two days. We had cereal for breakfast, and in general, the morning was calm. We attended a drawing session conducted by Victoria Smith, the SEA alumni relations coordinator, in which we practiced natural history sketches. We practiced different styles, such as blind contour drawings, line contour drawings, and timed gestures. It was refreshing to have a less stressful morning than the previous two.

After the drawing session, we had a 1½ hour Oceans and Society class with Dan, in which we discussed our reflections from the Mystic Seaport field trip, regarding different maritime industries and techniques. We also touched on other issues, such as historical overfishing. After this session, we had a great lunch (quesadillas, salsa, chips…) cooked wonderfully by Sabrina. It was great to have a sit-down lunch for the first time in two days!

After lunch, we continued our Oceans and Society class, and we had a discussion about maritime gender roles, and talked about readings and Captain Courageous, the movie we had watched the previous night. We also related the movie to fishing techniques we learned the previous day while at the Mystic Seaport exhibits. Then we discussed paradigm shifts which are transformations on the way people explain a phenomenon, further discussing how paradigm shifts led to awareness of overfishing and the fact that the ocean is not inexhaustible.
After class, we had a two hour break in which most people rested and recuperated from our long day of classes. After a few hours we met again for dinner which was as always wonderful. The RAs then surprised us with a scavenger hunt where we competed against opposing watch groups. After the scavenger hunt they surprised us with candy and then we went to study hall and ended with a relaxing night.

- Ashwin and Sam

P.S. Happy Birthday Mira!

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