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August 07, 2019

Happy Birthday Marco!

Erin O’Donovan & Erik Geertsma, Hastings High School & Easthampton High School

SEA Semester

Above: The whole group excited to go on the MRC tour! Below: Erin, Owen, Eric, and Kelly with a horseshoe crab

With our days at SEASCape dwindling, we started our last academic day with our oceanography class on student chosen topics such as deep sea creatures and climate science. Our next class was Ocean and Society, where we learned about the Disney movie Moana and the history behind the film. We talked about the people of Polynesia and about the long pause which was the period of time that prompted the film. We also discussed the cultural aspect of the film including its inaccuracies and appropriations. After class, we had a lunch of sandwiches and soup which was perfect for such an overcast day. We then had our last field trip to downtown Woods Hole where we explored two different locations. We started the trip with the Woods Hole Aquarium where we saw a multitude of fish and ocean life.

We then went to the Marine Biological Laboratory, where we took a tour of the research facility. We saw many species such as squids, sea robins, sea anemones, huge hermit crabs, and horseshoe crabs. (Both of us even held one!) Then we were given the mission of a Woods Hole scavenger hunt where we were tasked with taking pictures of different spots around Woods Hole (Erin’s team won!). After some free time in Woods Hole, we headed back to campus for some dinner and had our final leadership class. In leadership, we attempted and succeeded to maneuver a marble across the lawn only using pieces of PVC tubing. For some teams this was a difficult task as it involves working together as a group (Our team won!). We concluded the day with some birthday festivities for our friend Marco who turned 16 today! The festivities included some cake and a game of pin the dorsal fin on the dolphin. All in all, it was a good day for one of our last days. Happy Birthday Marco!

- Erin O’Donovan, Hastings High School & Erik Geertsma, Easthampton High School


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