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July 07, 2018

Happy Birthday Jess!

Danny Brunet & Elizabeth Torna, Cypress High School & Brearley School

SEA Semester

Above: Jess with her birthday brownies; below: movie night!

Today was Jess’ birthday: Happy Birthday Jess!

After yesterday’s humidity breaking rain, we all woke up to our first chilly morning. Convinced that being awake wasn’t actually so bad by a warm breakfast of egg and sausage breakfast sandwich, we completed our daily chores and attended our watch meetings, where we learned reef knots and bowlines, before heading to class.

In Oceans and Society, we learned a bit about the Atlantic Slave Trade and discussed our reading, Equiano’s Travels, touching on an individual’s experience as a slave in the late 18th century. Following a quick break, we went to Oceanography class, where we learned about marine mammals, a topic which we were all very excited about. Of course we couldn’t study marine mammals without enjoying some amazing videos of humpback whales singing and orcas spyhopping.

During our afternoon Oceans and Society class, we all had time to work on our podcasts, each of which focuses on a marine related topic of our group’s choosing, and were able to finish our scripts and start recording.

For afternoon break, some of us stayed on campus to unwind for a while before heading to the beach to swim, but the rest elected to go explore Falmouth.

In celebration of Jess’ birthday, we sang Happy Birthday and had brownies after dinner.

Tonight was movie night, so around 7:30 we all headed back up to the Madden Center to watch Finding Dory and The Incredibles with popcorn and blankets.

- Danny Brunet, Cypress High School
- Elizabeth Torna, Brearley School

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