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July 04, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

Brynn DiGuglielmo & Matt Giess, John Jay High School & Wellesley High School

SEA Semester

Above: Us after the beach trip during free time, below: Emerson and Rose during sampling.

Happy 4th of July! Today was an eventful day for us. We had class in the morning, like always. In our Oceanography class we learned about biological oceanography, specifically about different types of plankton. Halfway through class we split up into different groups, one group went into the lab to take a closer look at the plankton we had just talked about. It was really cool to see all the creatures under the microscope! The other group of students practiced their illustration skills. The objective was to draw a fish from observation, so that someone else could use your illustration to identify the fish. After a short break, we began our Oceans and Society class.

Our port stop for today was Wellfleet, MA. Our objective in class today was to expand our knowledge of Cape Cod history. We read and analyzed a passage written by Thoreau, a well known transcendental philosopher. The passage was called “The Wellfleet Oysterman,” and it was about Thoreau’s experience talking to a native of Cape Cod. Soon after we made our way to lunch and tried to squeeze in some time for Stranger Things 3 before we headed out for the day.

After lunch, we were introduced to our Oceanography research project, in which we will be conducting studies about a variety of topics within oceanography. For instance, a group will be studying biological or chemical oceanography. After getting our groups, we were taken to a beach where we conducted tests based on what our topic is. For instance, the biological oceanography groups used nets to capture and document creatures in a variety of locations.

Once each group was finished with their data collection, we got a chance to relax at the beach we were conveniently at. After a fun couple of hours at the beach, we walked back to our cottages and enjoyed a couple hours of free time. In the spirit of the holiday, later on we will be gorging ourselves on some burgers and hotdogs, and then seeing the fireworks. Hopefully you're having as amazing of a Fourth as we are!

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