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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

April 15, 2014

Greetings from the equatorial Pacific!

Abby Cazeault, 3rd Assistant Scientist, C226 Alumna


Karissa and Emilie - the REAL mustache trend-setters.

Current Position
6° 8.0’ S x 141° 41.0’ W

Course & Speed
350°, cruising at 7.5 knots!

Sail Plan
The four lowers with a single-reefed main and the JT

Winds E F5, waves ExS 5 ft

Today was a most glorious day aboard the Seamans. For one, our extraordinary steward Nina (with the help of her student assistant Drew) prepared a slew of meals fit for a king: cheesy fried eggs with biscuits and bacon, grilled sandwiches with French fries, and spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread! I’m getting full just writing about it!

However, the big event of the day was the Lab Practical. Students were tested on all of the knowledge they’ve gained over the past three weeks in the science realm, including our lab routines, deployment techniques, and our sampling/analysis protocols. They scurried around, scribbling down answers to questions posted throughout the ship. The one that seemed to take the longest to answer was question 9.75, which sat in front of a bowl of peanut M&Ms: “Sample and process accordingly.”

As we approach the Equator, talks of Neptune and haircuts have become the norm. Many of our pollywogs aboard prematurely got shellback tattoos in French Polynesia, an act which is sure to upset the King of the Seas. Only time will tell what punishment Neptune has in store for these brash souls!

Lots of love to family and friends at home!

Hugs and loves,

P.S- Happy birthday Theo! And happy belated to Laura! (Tell Jacques I say hi!)

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