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July 15, 2017

Greenhouse Effects

Madeline Rapelyea & Morgan Davis, Georgetown Day School & Quabbin Regional High School

SEA Semester

Bristol Sammi Mairead and Olivia A discuss eutrophication.

Today we started off with a Oceanography class explaining the fundamental ideas of climate science. We first learned about the basics of the greenhouse effect, and the reasoning behind the dense gas layer around the earth. From the information gathered about greenhouse gases we brainstormed possible solutions to reduce our carbon emissions, and educate others on this topic.

Later, we discussed the actual impacts of greenhouse gases, which included glacier melting, sea level rising, ocean acidification, and a rise of carbon dioxide and a lower pH in the water. Since we had just visited the Geological lab yesterday, we started to discuss ice cores, and how air bubbles that are trapped inside the ice are samples of the air from thousands of years ago. These air samples help to determine how much carbon dioxide has been put into the atmosphere, since that time period.

As the conversation intensified, students were given graphs and asked to look for patterns of change in the ocean surface temperature during El Niño and La Niña events, and as well as oxygen isotopes in ancient glaciers. The class reconvened to discuss the patterns, and saw overall themes throughout the data. In Ocean & Society, we learned about the harsh treatment of slaves in the Caribbean, and about Mary Prince, who was a woman who wrote about her enslaved experience, and her brutal years of harvesting salt in Antigua. The afternoon was spent playing volleyball, watching catfish, and doing homework.

Also, we had a chance to listen to our residential advisors about their college and SEA Semester experiences. The most eventful part of the day was the history mystery dinner, where we got assigned to certain roles that ranged from beach goers to a head of a water filtration facility. The exercise gave us an opportunity to come up with a solution as a town for a real world problem, which was eutrophication on our nearby waterways.

- Madeline & Morgan

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