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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

May 04, 2017


Megan Frey, Sailing Intern

Ocean Exploration

Sunrise on Moorea

17° 30.5 S x 149° 51.2 W

Anchored in Bai D’Opunohu, Moorea

3731.1 nm total

Fair weather, 28° C

Souls on Board

Where to begin?  I have to quote our Captain Jay and say, ".and this is my life!" For over a month now, 32 of us have been sailing along the South Pacific, learning about our roles on board the Brigantine, how to help each other grow and standing up to the challenges and rewards that Nature has to offer.   I would not want to be anywhere else. 

For 5 weeks, we have sailed nonstop, day after day, blue ocean after more blue ocean and tonight under the moonlight we find ourselves and our  Brigantine nestled in an anchorage tucked away on the beautiful island of Moorea.  I must agree with so many people I cross paths with and say yes, I am living a dream and you can too.

One of the best aspects about being a part of this ship community is being able to watch the word empowerment take on an actual form.  Every day, all day, during each 6 hour watch, from the smallest of details to the largest of actions, I see it happening amongst my shipmates and I am grateful. After I stand my anchor watch tonight, I will sit on deck under the blanket of stars and enjoy the coolness coming down off the high peaks that surround our floating home.  At dawn this morning, I stood at the wheel and watched the morning sky cast colors of crimson reds, purples, blues and pinks as the island of Moorea appeared off our starboard. There was our destination that we had sailed over 3,800 nautical miles towards, waiting so patiently for us to arrive. 

We are here now, we made it and the best part is,."this is my life!"  Thank you to all of my shipmates on board the Robert C. Seamans. I love you C-rusty Watch, go live your dreams!  

- Megan

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