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June 29, 2017

Graduation Ceremony Away From Home

Craig Dawes, NYC College of Technology

SEA Semester

Above: Craig celebrating his graduation with the rest of the PEP cohort. Below: Craig surveying the species on Wood Neck Beach as part of the biological oceanography module.

When I found out I got accepted into the PEP program I was ecstatic. However, I was graduating from college on the same day that I was scheduled to depart NYC for Woods Hole. I felt like all my hard-work was for nothing and went unnoticed. A few weeks into the program I was surprised by my PEP colleagues who planned a graduation ceremony for me. It included the whole she-bang—graduation music, certificate, speeches and they even baked me a brownie cake! Needless to say, I was in tears by the end of the night. I knew immediately that my time here would be great, as I became part of something bigger than PEP, I became a part of a supportive family.

My favorite class was the Biological Oceanography we took several transects at Wood Neck beach and surveyed it for species abundance. We also used a quadrat to assess species richness of Littorina littorea a periwinkle that is prevalent and invasive on the beaches in Woods Hole. I learned a lot of useful techniques that will prove useful in my future career.

- Craig

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