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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

April 28, 2018

Good Moments

Kat Duvall, A Watch, Colgate University


The ship's company after a Field Day pump up flash mob led by A Watch.

Current Position
Somewhere in the tropics

Ship’s Heading & Speed
010 per ship’s compass at about 6 knots

Sail Plan
Staysails, motorsailing

A clear evening

Souls on board

There are brief snippets of time in my life when everything aligns, there is a lightness in my heart and smile on my face, and I experience what I call "capital 'G' Good moments." They're not always the moments that get photographed, but those that I carry with me wherever I go. In order to understand the best of the best of times on this boat and the people who live on it, I have compiled a list of these moments from our community aboard the Robert C. Seamans.

Captain Jay: Standing the students down from watch the night of the big storm, and having people still wake up to try and do their duty. In his words, we are "great shipmates" and that moment will remain with him forever.

Chief Scientist Deb: The exclaims of delight and surprise that people make when they first see something cool in the bucket after our net tows.

First Mate Snark: Our moonlit sail on the night of the 26th, going 9 knots under the four lowers and the tops'l.

Second Mate Tristan: A sunset sail under the squares, listening to Lauren and Jay sing from down below.

Third Mate Mike: Earlier today, standing at the chart table, receiving a surprise back scratch from Lauren when he needed it the most.

Mate-in-Training Doug: The same moonlit sail from the 26th

First Scientist Farley: Driving the small boat around the Seamans before our open ocean swim call and diving in afterwards.

Second Scientist Erin: The night of the storm, listening to Snark and Farley sing when they thought no one could hear them.

Third Scientist Allison: Playing the perfect game of Whist last night.

Chief Engineer Henry: Putting the mains'l in a wrestling hold the night of the big storm.

Assistant Engineer Shana: Eating blueberry scones on a nice morning.

Steward Lauren: Talking to Ella about having less anxiety, being yourself, and not listening to bullies.

Assistant Steward Natalie: Sprinting through a field on the Chatham Islands.

Noa: Standing bow watch in the rain, and getting dumped on by a huge wave.

Haley: Standing bow watch on her birthday, and seeing dolphins alongside the boat.

Phoebe: Sitting on the house top after swim call with most of the class, eating her 21st birthday cake.

Colin: Singing shanties on the house top with Snark.

Kyler: Having dance parties on the foredeck every field day.

Brittany: Getting dunked on the bowsprit with Ashley while furling the jib.

Ashley: Collecting paua shells in the Chatham Islands.

Lorena: Watching the first moonrise aboard.

Alexis: Getting woken up by Kyler to look at the shearwater (nicknamed "Daniel") who landed on our vessel.

Sarah: Watching the sunset after the big storm with big waves.

Justin: Driving in the Chathams with Farley.

Emily: Leaving Lyttleton, on the bow, watching dolphins play in our wake.

Maggie: Watching the neuston tow in the water, covered with bioluminescence, on a night with a new moon and both the Milky Way and Magellan Clouds visible. "Stars in the sky and in the water."

Lila: Singing with her peeps during Cyclone Keni

Ella: Towing the Neuston net as JLO (Junior Lab Officer) while both the moon and stars were visible in the sky, chatting with Deb. A moment in her life that she found surreal, as she never would have imagined that at 20 years old, she is able to do what she loves.

Brooke: The night of the storm when A Watch came in from the deck soaking wet, when the commands from deck were being heard down below and the stress
levels of some were high, singing together as a group. She describes our singing as being better than the original songs themselves.

Olivia: Seeing the constellation Dorado that she has been waiting to see since 7th grade.

Rachel: Being on the bow, when things feel right.

Melia: Calling for hands to set the tops'l in the main salon, and having everyone below shout the command back.

Will: Furling the jib in the pouring rain.

Kat: Watching a distant squall with lightning approach from the bow.

- Kat Duvall, A Watch, Colgate University

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#1. Posted by Matt Duvall on May 02, 2018

Shout out to you all for this list of Good moments. And for all of these blog entries. They give us an exciting glimpse of your lives on the boat. But these Good moments are especially nice to read. It sounds like an amazing time. Enjoy your remaining time!

And Kat - Hi from us all. Cannot wait to see you in a few weeks.  Love from Dad, Mom, Hank and Sophie.

#2. Posted by Steven Schupak on May 06, 2018

Note for Noa Randall,
Land ho and hope all is well.  Can’t wait to hear about this exciting trip.  Good luck!  We are thinking about you often!
Steven, Karen and Madeline



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