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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 12, 2019

Going Aloft

Sofia Garrick, A Watch, University of Chicago


Kenzie and Fin hanging out in the yards.

Current Position
41˚24.75’S x 174˚48.98’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Anchored by Wellington

The winds are NNE, force 3. There is 6/8ths of clouds, mainly cumulus and stratus. 1018.1 millibars. 20 degrees C. Calm seas.

Souls on board

After several days at sea the sight of land was bittersweet; however, something long anticipated awaited us after anchoring right outside Wellington and before we were to step foot on land. Last night was like any other anchor watch, A and B  watches had our general rotations checking bearings, the anchor, the weather changes, and the engine room throughout the wee hours of the night and morning. All hands woke up bright and early at 0730 to a classic field day breakfast of cereal, a delicacy at sea due to the finite supply of milk available. I started my day with a colorful bowl of fruity pebbles sitting with my shipmates on the quarter deck and looking at the beautiful fairy prions flying along the rainforest swathed hills. Unlike most days at anchor we had rotations today where we split into four groups and rotated between field day, study hall, a leadership meeting, and the long-awaited, very exciting activity – GOING ALOFT!

My day started with cleaning the galley where I got the challenging, but exciting, job of cleaning out the oven. Not only did this require extreme arm muscles but it also tested my skills as a contortionist to fit my body in the small space to get the grease out of all the nooks and crannies. Once I was good and covered in grease, my group finally got to climb the mast and see the ship from a whole new angle. After a very informative safety orientation we scurried up the shrouds and hung out on the yards. From aloft we could see the fog rolling through the trees on the hills surrounding Wellington, the winding roads throughout the city, and the itty bitty dolphins jumping in the wakes of the ferries taking trips from the North to the South Island. The moment every single one of my shipmates stepped back off the shrouds and onto the deck you could see they were hooked, the light in their eyes was contagious. I bet from now on instead of hanging in the nets along the bowsprit, our eyes will be set on something a little higher.

After an eventful day cleaning the beautiful Robert C. Seamans and perching up in new angles, a few friends and I got to hang out in the galley making some tasty treats. It is amazing how popular you are the moment you step in the galley with a bowl full of melted chocolate… suddenly everyone wants to chat with you hoping for a sneak peak of whatever you are making. Anika, Anna B., and I reminisced about our days in Woods Hole by making a treat for the boat that we made basically every week – puppy chow. The endlessly addicting mix of cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar mixed together into a heavenly treat. After gorging ourselves full of sweet treats,  we fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the boat looking forward to exploring the picturesque city of Wellington.

- Sofia Garrick, A Watch, University of Chicago

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#1. Posted by Patti Neighmond on March 13, 2019

Beautifully written description, Sofia!!!  Sounds like you are having a blast fit for all the senses!!  Congrats on finally “going aloft.”  I know everyone was truly looking forward to this.  Just hang on tight!!!  We have loved all the posts and reading about your marvelous journey.

Enjoy Wellington - I understand it is a wonderful fun city !!! 

We love you and miss you bushels….. Love, Mom

#2. Posted by Tom Garrick on March 14, 2019

Ahoy Mates, Wonderful accounts from all of you. Sounds like a great learning experience, Sofia. Can’t wait till you return and teach us how to clean out our oven…. Love, Daddio.



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