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SEA Currents: Woods Hole Partnership Education Program

June 23, 2017

Gloucester By The Sea

Victoria Roberson, Auburn University

SEA Semester

The carnival at Gloucester

One of the best parts about being in the Partnership Education Program is getting to explore the different towns in New England. On Friday June 23, 2017, we went to Gloucester and learned about the different research and jobs performed at the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. We also learned about the many positions available to both undergrad and graduate research interns. It was surprising to learn that many of the work involves the use of social sciences as well as core sciences. I was also pleased to learn about the work done within the community to educate people about the importance of marine biology and fishery management.

However, the trip was not only informational but also fun. We were able sail the bay in a sailboat named the Ardelle. From the ship, we saw a carnival on the land and a festival taking place. Once docked, we went to the carnival and ate food and played games. We also saw an annual event take place called the Greasy Pole where men walk along a suspended pole above water. Both the carnival and the Greasy Pole were in celebration of San Pietro. It was a wonderful time!

- Victoria

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