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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

May 07, 2016

Getting ready to head back to sea

Agathe Wallin, C-Watch, Bowdoin College

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Taylor enjoying a last taste of Bermuda

32° 22’ N x 064° 40’ W

Description of Location
Docked in St. George’s, Bermuda

Windy and rainy

Souls on Board

Today marked our last day in Bermuda. We were supposed to leave this morning. However, due to windy conditions, we had to delay our departure to tomorrow. Before leaving, we had one more field day, wherein we gave the Cramer an intense wash. So, as the winds blew and the waves rolled, we cleaned every corner of the ship. For some reason, these were the dirtiest they’d ever been. Perhaps, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning and become experts at finding hidden dirt. Or maybe, we’re just making the ship dirty at a faster rate. As for the upper decks, the rain took care of it.

After the clean, we were given the afternoon off to work on our science projects-- after all, as soon as we get underway, looking under a microscope will definitely not be the easiest of tasks. Each group therefore raced to finish as much as possible. For my part, I am happy to report that my group and I have completed identifying 119 eels. Our eyes and backs are tired from microscope work, but at least those eels are identified and measured!

Throughout the afternoon, we took turns going into town and making some last phone calls. Our captain wore his foulies today, so naturally, I followed suit. I’m assuming from the many stares I got that I may have looked a bit ridiculous, but hey, at least I was completely dry! Walking around St. George’s felt bittersweet, but we are all excited to get back out to sea!

We’re now all back on the ship and preparing for departure. Tomorrow, we will be getting back into our routine as the regular watch schedule starts up again. In addition, most of us will probably have to adjust to life at sea again.

Happy early mother’s day from all of us! Also, special thanks to my dad for the size 12 foulies--they may be oversized, but they keep me dry! And to my friends, all is “mint”!


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