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August 08, 2017

Geology, Whales, and Marbles!

Yuki Chen and Juliette Brophy, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School and Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

SEA Semester

Above: Gwen, Katarina, and Stephanie are focused on their teams marble. Below: Jill, Ashwin, Chiara, Ana, Allison and Mira are ready for the marble.

As SEASCape comes to a close, we stayed on campus today. We woke up at 7:30 and had a watch meeting to discuss what to do on Thursday.

We began with a class with Maia, focusing on Geological Oceanography. We learned about  ocean basin mapping, mid-ocean ridges, and sediments. Then we had class with Dan the man, focusing on the Age of Exploration, the discovery of gyres, seasonal winds, and currents.

In the afternoon, we had grilled cheese and salad for lunch. Following our yummy lunch, we had Student's Choice class with Maia. We previously selected various animals, such as sea turtles, the immortal jellyfish, and the Megladon, to learn about. After this really fun and interesting class, Dr. Heather Heenehan came to teach us about Marine Mammals and Noise Pollution. We learned about how different cetaceans communicate, and how different manmade objects affect their hearing and disrupt their communication.

Then at 6:00, we ate a delicious dinner of tacos. (thank you Sabrina!) After a long day of learning, a yummy meal is always perfect. After dinner, we played a game using PVC pipes and a marble. There were two teams, each with one marble, 10 pieces of PVC pipe, and 12 teammates. We all had to work together and balance the marble and transfer it into a coffee can, down the hill from the starting line. It was a wonderful team building activity that taught us patience and focus.

During Study Hall, we all continued to work on our projects for Dan’s class. Then we returned to our cabins to get good sleep for our last full day of classes tomorrow!

Yuki & Juliette

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