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July 08, 2017

Geology, Over Fishing, and a Navigation Challenge

Ella Maricq & Ryotaro Kobayashi, West High Schoo & Seifu Nankai School

SEA Semester

Above: Anya and Ethan wait for the signal to begin navigating. Below: Maddie coaches Neal to tie a figure 8 knot.

Today marked the last day of classes during our first week, with everyone excited for the free day on Sunday. After eating our cereal, we learned all about the Bowline Knot, a highly useful knot often used on ships. It is a deceptively simple knot that took the group several attempts to properly learn. We headed up to Madden Center to take our classes for the day. First up was our introduction to Geological Oceanography. Our teacher, Jess, began by teaching us all about plate tectonics. We learned about the history behind the discovery of ocean ridges, ocean trenches, and continental drift. Moving on from there, we covered a vast array of topics including volcanoes, sedimentology, and stratigraphy.

After the lesson, some of us had a Moana inspired jam session while everyone else relaxed in the lounge. Our second and final lesson of the day was Oceans and Society, where we looked in depth about the history of fishing in Cape Cod, as well as the very serious threat of over fishing. In order to drive in this point, we played a game where we fished goldfish in a candy reef. We found that it was hard to replenish a population that has been decimated by fishing, and that getting large amounts of people to cooperate is very challenging. After this newfound experience, we discussed various solutions to try and combat the problems in the fishing industry.

We had a delicious dinner of lasagna and the ever-popular garlic bread, both of which quickly disappeared. After eating and finishing study hall, we discovered that our RAs had set up a scavenger hunt for us to solve in our watch groups. Each task was based on skills we have learned in the course so far, and our watch leaders specifically designed each hunt. After a brief lesson about the sextant, we made our way back home, ready for the adventure that Sunday is sure to bring.

- Ella & Ryotaro

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