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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

August 04, 2016

From Me, to Shining Sea

John Pitts, Stetson University

Protecting the Phoenix Islands

I’ve run out of words. Reef, Reef Shark

Noon Position
4° 39.7’ S x 174° 32.8’ W

Nikumaroro Island


2448.0 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
One more beautiful sunny day to explore land and reef

Souls on Board

Hello again, people of Earth!

I am told that’s also still where I am, although I can scarcely believe it. If we’re really still on this planet, then we must be the most fortunate people on it. Gazing at the stars in Orona, Chrissy asked me and Cody if we believe in magic, and this place is definitely magical. Last night as Alexandra and I spiraled into pure childhood joy watching sharks, dolphins, and trevally gather alongside the Seamans, we once again realized that whenever you think you’ve experienced all it can possibly offer… presto, something else rises from the deep blue to totally take your breath away.

Today we pick up our anchor and sail away from our final Phoenix Island, Nikumaroro. It is the final time we will see land until our voyage is completed in Pago Pago. I am not counting down the days – two weeks in Woods Hole with these magnificent humans felt like years, and every day with them since has seemed like a lifetime. There is still much to come and I will cherish every second of it. Still, this seems a solid spot to talk about some of the things I have come to appreciate about life at sea.

I will start with things from living landlocked that are just a little more fun with the added element of wave motion. The boat dreams as you are cradled to sleep by your rocking bunk. Waiting on the gimbaled tables to
bring Morgan’s delicious creations right up to your mouth. The wind persistently swirling about you. Being just a trip up the ladder away from El Pacifico’s serenity at all times. The extra challenge provided to a workout, which for most people means swinging about as they do push-ups and pull-ups, but since those are things I can barely do on hard ground, it means trying to find balance through yoga. I never thought a crow pose could be so exhilarating.

Beyond the little things, I am in love with the unexpectedness of life here. Any time you stare out over the horizon, whether in quiet contemplation or brilliant conversation, you may suddenly be met by a dazzling fish soaring out of the water, a streak of birds darkening the sky as they return from sea, or a RAGING SQUALL (As you may be able to tell from the excitement, I got mine. I steered through the entire thing. I was the happiest little clam that’s ever been in the sea.). I am in love with the camaraderie that comes from living in such close quarters with these uniquely amazing people – knowing that we need each other to make this all possible and that with each other we can find exactly what we need. And I am in love with the vastness of it – whether filled with clouds or stars, the sky just feels larger out here and when you reach the end of it, you reach the endless ocean, waves brushing against it like they’re painting it all – and how despite how small it all makes you feel, you feel an essential part of it nonetheless.

During the A and B watch date two days ago, we talked about what one thing we will take away from this trip is. We talked for so long that I never got to answer, but for me, that is it – that I not only take up space in this world, I have a place in it. For the first time in my life I feel that I can give a piece of myself to others and let them hold onto it for as long as they need. For the first time in my life I feel that I am not just watching
things happen, but that I have the capability to create change. Everything that has shaped this universe started with a ripple. And I am a ripple.

All love, wonderful people

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