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February 23, 2016

First Week Aboard

Chris Nolan, Captain

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sunny and Warm!

Souls on Board

What a first week aboard for class C-264.  We began in St. Croix, where we conducted orientation training and a few nice field trips in Christiansted under the guidance of Dr. Craig Marin and Dr. Jeff Schell. After a short sail, we anchored in St. John, and completed even more orientation training! In St. John, students and crew got a chance to check out the Annaberg plantation ruins and conduct a snorkel biodiversity survey in Waterlemon Cay, where the highlight was a nurse shark sighting. 

After our stop in St. John, we sailed for a few days in between St. Thomas and St. Croix, conducting science and natural history illustration work in this area of the Caribbean Sea. Students had the chance to deploy most of the science gear aboard the ship, including instruments for measuring sediments, water chemistry, and biological samples. While doing so, we practiced our sail handling and everyone started to get their sea-legs!

Saturday night, we headed north through the Virgin Passage into the open Atlantic, where we got a taste of the larger swells generated by distant storms. This added a new challenge for those trying to adapt to the motion of a ship at sea, but everyone made it through just fine! The entire ship’s company is also getting used to the routine of cleaning, sleeping, and standing watch that goes along with a sail training vessel. 

Yesterday, we moored the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a short port visit. During the port visits associated with this program, students get a taste of the legacy of colonization in the Caribbean, and how that legacy interacts with modern conservation efforts. It is certainly an interesting area of the world to study, and the various upcoming port visits will allow for some great student research. However – it’s not all work: the ship’s company has also had the chance to enjoy some local sights, sounds, and cuisine. 

Tomorrow we head back out to sea en route our next planned port stop in Samana, Dominican Republic.  Keep following the blog for updates on our voyage, and in the mean time, please enjoy this short video from the past 7 days on board!

Captain Chris

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#1. Posted by Tish Saburn on February 24, 2016

So awesome to be able to speak with my daughter! Sounds like an incredible experience so far!
And Chris Nolan…what an amazing video!!! Wow! Can’t wait to see more!!!!

#2. Posted by Michelle Weiss on February 24, 2016

What a wonderful video, giving us a glimpse of life on board the ship.  Melissa, you sounded wonderful and happy.  Please eat lots of fruits & vegetables!!!  Stay safe,
Love, Michelle Weiss



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