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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 06, 2019

First Taste of Land

Natalie Summers, B Watch


Above: Sarah learning to make cassava bread; Below: Two communities coming together for song and dance, sharing their cultures.

Present Location
015° 34.8’ N x 61° 27.7’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
Currently at Anchor in port.

Beautiful blue sky, some rain every once in a while, smells like green

Souls on board

After weeks out at sea and a day anchored near shore, being enticed by the commotions and buzzles of land, today we would finally be able to taste the sweetness of land once again. We were all so excited for everything the day would bring, but I was most excited to feel dirt again and maybe find some creepy crawlers that we were deprived of in the middle of the ocean. I could not wait.

The distance from the Cramer to shore was a bit too far for all of us to swim, so instead we were transported in style by small boats, navy seal style. Back on land again, the first thing that greeted me stepping out of the small boat was the gritty texture of sand in my shoes. Normally this kind of thing would be bothersome, but I was kind of digging the sand because of how long I had been without it. With sand still in my shoes, we wasted no time and began the day of excursions our travel agent “Seabird” had put together for us.

The tour kicked off with a scenic drive through the tropical island of Dominica until we reached the Kalinago territory. There we immersed ourselves into the lives and culture of the Kalinago people. They taught us how to weave baskets, we learned traditional dances, and we shared a delicious snack of cassava bread with them. As our cassava bread snack came to an end, so did our tour. All of us piled into the car and we began to head back. During the car ride, I reflected back on the day. I thought to myself about the bugs on the island which I kept my eyes peeled open for, but had no luck in spotting any. I did see though, two lizards flirting. I also thought about the Corwith Cramer. I did not expect to miss her, but by the end of the day, I’ll admit, I was ready to return back home to her.

- Natalie Summers

PS:  Missing my people back in Texas. I love you mommy, daddy, Andrew and the whole enchilada, as well as everyone else.

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#1. Posted by Alicia on November 18, 2019

You guys look so great! And don’t worry baby (Natalie)...I’ve been saving creepy crawlers for you back here in Texas! That’s if Edgar doesn’t eat’em firts.  Can’t wait to see you!



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