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July 28, 2019

First Sunday in town

Kelly Logan & Marlinee Pilkey, Shoreham Wading-River High School & Niskayuna High School

SEA Semester

Above: Claire, Franny, Kelly, and Marlinee at the beach after the first day in town; below: Matching Cape Cod shirts!

After enjoying our extra hours of sleep, we ate a delicious breakfast prepared by Jared. The meal consisted of eggs, bacon, english muffins, french toast,  fruit salad, and potatoes. The girls of C House, including ourselves, then gathered in the bathroom and had a “Shaving Party,” where we laid towels across the floor, stood around the sinks and shaved our legs together. It was a really good bonding experience. We then prepared ourselves for our trip to Falmouth. Once we arrived we split into groups and began to explore the town. We spent hours visiting different stores and spending our money on various things. A group of girls bought matching “Cape Cod” shirts in different colors. We also bought little glass animal figures for our RA’s. We noticed a lot of dogs and Tacoma’s in Falmouth. A few people went candlepin bowling during the trip. The coffee shop, Coffee Obsession, was a big hit among the students and RA’s. After our trip to Falmouth we took a trip to a nearby beach for free time. The water was wavier than normal which resulted in many salty eyes and throats. Despite the complaints, the water was incredibly refreshing and was a nice way to end our busy day of activities. After a delicious dinner, the RA’s told us of their college experiences and gave us helpful advice for our future.

- Kelly Logan, Shoreham Wading-River High School & Marlinee Pilkey, Niskayuna High School

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