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July 07, 2019

First Free Day!

Emerson Jenen & Sydne Twarosch, Bronx High School of Science & Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School

SEA Semester

Above: doing the fish puzzle; below: painting nails

Today was Sunday! That meant that we had no classes and could sleep in. Now we did what any sensible person would do. Many of the attendees of SEASCAPE got our nails painted by each other. The colors that we painted nails with were blue, green, white, sparkly pink, and a light pink. Later, many of us wanted to see a new movie called Spiderman: Far From Home. We had to break up into two movie times because so many of us wanted to see it. The movie was very fun. Those who did not want to see the movie were able to do something fun, they were able to go mini golfing, and then after that they went to go get ice cream. There were two different movie times, one at 12:00 and one at 3:30 pm. When the people at the first movie time got back, many people went to the beach. There were many rocks on the shore on the beach, but there was a sandbar a little way into the beach and that made the rest of the water was super sandy.

Tomorrow, we will be heading over to Chatham, Massachusetts. We will be going on a few tours around town and seeing the area. We will also be heading over to Mashpee, to visit the Wampanoag museum; we have been learning about the Wampanoags in many different readings in our Oceans and Society class. We are all very excited to visit Mashpee and Chatham.

- Emerson Jenen, Bronx High School of Science, & Sydne Twarosch, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School

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